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Spelling Bee Speech 2014-2015

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Lisa Stastyshyn

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Spelling Bee Speech 2014-2015

Spelling Bee Speech 2014-2015
Welcome parents, students, staff, and contestants, to the annual Wellsville Middle School Spelling Bee.

My name is Mrs. Stastyshyn, and I have the privilege of organizing this year's bee with a lot of help from Ms. Sinski and Mrs. Riley.
Students have been practicing their spelling skills for years in classrooms, but the first organized national spelling bee did not start in United States until 1925.
Since then, the nation's spelling bee program has undergone a significant surge in popularity thanks to its live coverage on ESPN.
The Scripps company is sponsoring spelling bees with local newspapers around the world. This is the 86th year that the Buffalo News has sponsored this event locally.

This allows the spelling bee to come right here to Wellsville.
We have 20 contestants participating in today's bee. Each grade level has sent us its best spellers to participate.
These contestants were given a copy of the scripps study spelling words around Thanksgiving break and have reviewed the official bee rules.
The words used in today's spelling bee are from the national spelling bee official word list.

Some, but not all words featured in today's bee, were found on that study list.
The word order and sentences were composed by professionals and have been reviewed by our pronouncer and judges.

The judges are in complete control and their decisions are final.
Today only one student will be honored as the Wellsville Middle School Spelling Bee Champion, but each student participating in the bee has already demonstrated his or her skills as a great speller within the community.

Let's congratulate all of our contestants!
But to the victor go the spoils, so today's first place winner will receive several prizes including a subscription to
kids Britannica.com,
a cash prize from the middle school student activities council,
the coveted spelling bee trophy, and...
The opportunity to participate in the written qualification test for the Buffalo News Regional Spelling Bee on March 8, 2015.

And who knows, maybe we will see our winner on ESPN!
The runner-up will receive a cash prize, a subscription to kids Britannica.com, and an equally coveted can of alphabet soup!

All participants will be presented with a certificate of participation to recognize their great achievement.
Before contestants introduce themselves, I would like to introduce the teachers who have volunteered to help out with today's event.

Mrs. Aborjaily is today's head judge. She will be assisted by Mrs. Haskins, Mrs. Chaffee, Mrs. Budginger, and myself.
And the pronouncer for today's event is our very own, Ms. O'Connell.
And now the contestants will introduce themselves beginning with the six grade participants. Each will draw a number from the fishbowl. This number will represent the contestants order in the lineup. The participants will maintain this order for the entire spelling bee.
Thank you for your attendance, and let the spelling bee begin, B-E-G-I-N, begin!
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