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A pact with the Devil

Ms.Evans Final :)

Rogelio Garcia

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of A pact with the Devil

By Juan Jose Arreola Who Is This Juan Jose Arreola? A Pact With The Devil Intro To: The Store's Movie's Point As the narrator and the Distinguished Stranger become more acquainted, the Stranger decides to take the narrator's thoughts into a conversation where he is amazed at the concern the narrator has for his family. "I would do anything to see Paulina happy." The narrator stated as he lived in extreme poverty. He was a tailor but didn't get much off it. The Stranger then asks to continue the conversation in the hall. Where he shows his true colors as THE DEVIL! The Mexican writer Juan Jose Arreola was never one to follow literary trends. He wrote "non-realistic," or fantastic, fiction at a time when Mexican writers were expected to write about political, national concerns; he focused on short fiction at a time when the novel was the preferred literary form in Mexico and other parts of Latin America. A Pact With The Devil starts with the introduction of the setting in a hurried motion which is a movie theater followed by a brief mentioning of the character "the distinguished stranger" who allows our narrator to catch up with the movie, which at the point had barely reached the plot's main idea. Mr.Brown had just made a pact with the devil. The Distinguished Stranger A Pact With The Devil This story, Pact With The Devil , makes us cross the footpath of the agility and the virtuosity to narrate a fact; adding fiction more fiction in one formulates that single it can be labeled as original. The author makes one get in the protagonist's shoes when he comes to the same conflict as the one in the movie. The Final Deal The Devil then gives the same ultimatum to the narrator as he does to Daniel Brown in the movie. After a moment of consideration, the narrator chooses to give his soul to the devil only if he gets a chance to finish watching the movie. In the movie Brown sees how happy his wife is to just have him with her no matter their economic circumstances. Then the narrator decides not to give his soul and as he does that... He wakes up Conclusion In conclusion, this short story by Arreola gives one the opportunity to get in the shoes of a person who is in the verge of making such a final decision to give his soul to the devil in return for all material needs and concerns one has in life. In my perspective Someone isn't rich by the amount of money they have, but by the spirit they have and give to society. Try to accomplish your success goals without putting in danger your spirit and your life. THANK YOU :) Daniel Brown who is the protagonist of the movie engages in a time of his life where he resolves to making a pact with the devil to gain all his material needs and wishes in return for his eternal soul. Much like the situation in which the narrator is in, the same rules apply to both of the characters of the story. The narrator truly believes he would do the same as Daniel Brown and that catches the Distinguished Stranger's attention.
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