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Elements of fiction

No description

Josepha Tchangue

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Elements of fiction

Harrison Bergeron. Success The Element Of Fiction In Harrison Bergeron Welcome to the Future.
It's a No Brainer. In April, 2081 Harrison Bergeron is taken from his home by the government for being "better" than everyone else. The 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendment forces citizens to be equal in every way possible. When her son is being taken, Hazel, Harrison's mother,doesn't realize it due to the fact that she isn't very bright and can't remember things for a long time. Harrison's father, George, doesn't completely realize it either because the Government forces him to wear a handicap radio in his ear which sends sharp noise every time he "unfairly" takes advantage of his brain. Exposition Plot Rising Action George and Hazel Bergeron are watching Ballerinas dance on TV, but their program is interrupted by a news bulletin. The man who first reads the bulletin has a speech disorder (stuttering) thus he is replaced by one of the ballerinas. The ballerina is wearing a hideous mask (along with other handicaps) because she is beautiful and graceful which are traits that are not allowed in their society. She announces that Harrison has escaped from prison and photographs of Harrison in different angles are shown. The ballerina also tell the audience to try not to reason with him. Climax Falling Action Harrison and the ballerina have defied the law of gravity. They reach the ceiling and kiss it. They also kiss each other until Diana Glampers shoots them. Harrison and the ballerina die before they even reach the floor. Diana tells the musicians that they have 10 seconds to put their handicaps back on; otherwise she will shoot them and at that moment the Television tube burns out. There is some sort of Earthquake in the Studio and George correctly identify who it is caused by (which is Harrison) before his radio blast a horrible sound in his ear. Harrison stands in the middle of the studio, removes all of his handicaps and yells that he is the "emperor". He states that he needs an empress . One of the ballerinas joins him, and he removes all her handicaps as well. Harrison strips the musicians of their handicaps and order them to play their best and he and his impress start dancing and springing into the air. Resolution George goes into the kitchen to get a beer. When he returns, he thinks about what happened thus his handicap signal shakes him up. Hazel has started crying and George asks her why she is crying. She doesn't completely remembers why and replies that it's because of "something real sad on Television". George then tells her to forget about sad things and she replies that she always does. George starts remembering that Harrison was killed and his handicaps shakes him again, hard. Conflicts The are conflicts in the novel. One conflict is Man vs Society. Harrison was first imprisoned because of his plan for overthrowing the government. He escapes from prison and tries to become the "emperor" but fails and get killed instead. Another conflicts in the novel is Man vs Technology. In the novel the government uses technology against smart people. (handicaps). Both conflicts are external. Characters Harrison Bergeron- The son of Hazel and George Bergeron. He is founteen years old, seven feet tall, handsome, and a genius. He tries to overthrow the government and gets arrested and killed for it.

Hazel Bergeron- Harrison's mother and George's husband. She is dumb, dimwitted, and helpless but she's also good natured and sweet.

George Bergeron- Harrison's father and Hazel's husband. George is intelligent and strong and be cause of that he is forced to wears handicaps such as bags and a radio. He obeys the law because he doesn't want to put himself at risk or get in trouble.

Diana Glampers-A woman that works with government. She is the one who kills Harrison and the ballerina. Setting Harrison Bergeron takes place in the United states, in two thousand eighty one. The US government went from being a Democracy to being a Dictatorial government . The two hundred eleventh, two hundred twelfth, and two hundred thirteenth Amendments makes every ordinary citizens equal to one another and technology is used agaisnt people who are above average. Themes The main themes in Harrison Bergeron are:

The Danger of equality- For some unknown reason people went from having equality of opportunity to equality of results.
Dictatorship- America is know to immigrants as the land with liberty; the government lets you own private property but in Harrison Bergeron, the government became a dictatorial government and uses force to make ordinary citizens equal to one another.
Point of View The story is told through third point of view. It can't be first point of view because it's not told personally and there is no use of the pronoun "I" except when characters are talking. It cannot be second point of view because no where in the text there is use of the pronoun "You". Another reason you can tell the novel is told through third point of view is because of the frequent use of pronoun such as she and he:
George came back in with the beer, paused while a handicap signal shook him up. And then he sat down again. “You been crying?” he said to Hazel.
“Yup,” she said.
“What about?” he said.
“I forget,” she said. “Something real sad on television.”
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