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Foster memories #classof2014

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Isabelle s

on 20 March 2017

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Transcript of Foster memories #classof2014

We all have some memories that will last forever. Whether it's making new friends or learning what 2+2 is, they are all great things. Enjoy this Prezi on a lot of memories from this amazing school, Foster.
Ahhh..... Mrs. Heisey. Who couldn't love her?!?!?! Here are 5 memories from your classmates of the good old days of kindergarten.

Abby J. - " When I was in kindergarten, I thought the 5th graders were giants!!!"

Megan- " I remember going to the farm, and milking a big cow!"

Trevor- " During our practice lunch my yogurt exploded on me and Dallas."

Abby H-" I remember making a houses out of blocks."

Nina-" I remember bringing in my teddy bear for teddy bear week."

First grade was full of many memories and laughs. We had Mrs. O'Connor and Mrs. Tezca. Here are some 1st grade memories!!

Caroline- " I met my first best friend in Mrs. Tezca's class."

Duncan-"I remember going to the Aviary in first grade."

Maya L.-" I remember sitting next to the new girl, Sara, and trying to insure her Foster was fun."

Olivia-"I remember doing Kung Fu with Thomas, Kira, Isabelle, and Delaney."

Natasha-" I remember winning first place in reflections for the cello piece I wrote."
2nd Grade
Second grade was full of fun and it was one great year! We had Mrs. Tucker and Mrs. Chambers. Here are some 2nd grade memories.

Colin- "My sister was born in 2nd grade."

Katy-" I remember all the spelling games Ms. Babish introduced to us."

Kira-"I remember breaking my wrist at recess. I broke it because I tripped over John's leg playing soccer on the blacktop.

Sarah C. -" I remember when everyone had their Holy Communion, so there were only 5 kids in class. We had an all day recess!!!!!!"

Katie-" I remember eating popcorn in science class!"
3rd Grade
Third grade is when we had Mrs. Talarico and Mrs. Gasperini. Mrs. Gasperini had her baby, and there was much more excitement. Here are some of our third grade memories.

Maya-"I remember befriending the new girl, Jelani!!"

Gia-"I met Morgan and we started a friendship that will last forever!!!"

Andrew-"I accidentally got a pencil stuck in the ceiling"

Gabriella-" I remember walking all around Pittsburgh, Downtown Dragons."

Jelani-" I remember singing Christmas carols in Spanish at school and at the galleria."
4th Grade
5th Grade
Foster memories #classof2014
By Isabelle Stoehr, Sara Menand, Maya Jones, and Maia Anderson

1st Grade
Oh, fifth grade. Our last year at Foster. We sure will miss Foster.
Our teachers are Ms. Giehll and Mrs. McGinnis.Here are some memories.

Maia A- "I remeber doing all the fun activities at Lutherlyn."

Sara M-" I remember when we had the New Year's Eve party and we got to open the wall! The boys went crazy when
What Does the Fox Say
came on.

Isabelle-"My favorite 5th grade memory is when Ms. Giehll and Mrs. McGinnis explained what a walkman was to us. Ms. Giehll even tryed to find one in her a cabinet!!:)"

Erin-" My favorite 5th grade memory has to be meeting all of my amazing and fabulous friends."

Genna-"I remember doing the timelines for open house."
Hey Diddle Diddle.The math rythme that got stuck in our heads.
Listen if you want!!!
Hopes For Mellon!!!
Fourth grade. It was full of laughs and smiles! Our teachers were Mr. Meute and Mrs. Campbell.Here our some of our classmates memories.

Afifa-" I remember my first day here, and Mr. Muete making a multiple tower for my hieght."

Lucy-" I remember on the first day of school I sat next to Colin. Right before school 2 random people came up to me and said "We're sorry."

Morgan- " I remember when my mom wrote on the smartboard with a whiteboard marker. It was so funny!"

Delaney-" I remember when Mr. Muete sang " Put your name on it, put your put your name on it!"

Haleigh-" I remember having to have a license to drive Mr. Meute's office chair!"
We all have big hopes for Mellon, and are hoping they happen. Here are the teachers big hopes for us in a big school!

Ms. Giehll-"My hope for each of you, is to shine brightly in your classes, activities, and friendships. You all have so much to offer. Always strive to be the best that you can be everyday, and enjoy the moment--it goes by quickly!

Mrs. McGinnis-"


5th Grade
Thank you
Thank you for a wonderful year and all the other great years at Foster! We will never forget all of our teachers. We will miss you Foster!
One Of the best Projects Ever: Handprint Rainbow
Memory's of
- 5th Grade
We went to the
Phipps Conservatory on a field trip!
We took a tour of Mt. Lebanon in second grade.
We went to Bird Park in 3rd grade!!!
Heinz hall day was a day we got all dressed up for!!
Lutherlyn....Our ONLY field trip in 5th grade.
Look out Mellon!! Here we come!!!
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