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The Ugly Truth

by: kayla.S

Hull Elementary

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of The Ugly Truth

Author: Jeff Kinney
paragraph summary
Main characters
Main characters: Greg Heffley,
Rowley Jefferson,
and Mom
Minor characters
Minor characters: Rodrick, Manny, Gammie, and Uncle Gary.
where: School, Home, A wedding, and Gammie's house
Main events
Main event 1: Greg wants to have fun over break. He thinks that he is having a boring time over break, while everyone else is posting pictures of their fun time over break.
Conflict/problem: Greg wants to hang out with girls and be friends with Jordan Jury. Greg wants to be popular.
Rising action
Rising action: Greg finds out that at Jordan Jury's party the younger kids that he invited (including Greg) were servants for them.
Climax: Greg feels happy after the wedding. He and Rowley make up. Rowely and Greg are best friends again.
Falling action
Falling action: Greg and Rowley are best friends again.
Resolution: Greg realizes that he does not need to be popular. He is friends with Rowley again.
Moral: Be honest and be who you are. People don't like liars.
Reading strategies
I read in my mind in a quiet room.
I do recommend this book to my friends because its funny.
About the author
1: Jeff Kinney is really funny
The Ugly Truth
Book genre: Fiction
Sub genre: Fiction
Lexile level:

Narrative point of view: first person
Author's purpose: to entertain
Time of year: Autumn
Main event 2: Greg tries out for Peachy Breeze commercial, but slips and does not get the part.
Main event 3: Greg goes to a school lock in night. He imagines that his friends and girls would be there. But actually there are chaperones there and it was boring. They could not sleep.
Main event 4: Greg goes to Uncle Gary's wedding instead of going to Jordan Jury's (the popular guy) party. Greg also gets "the talk" from Gammie.
2: Jeff is an online game developer and designer.
3: Jeff's books are #1 New York Times bestselling author.
Jeff Kinney
Jeff Kinney
Greg Heffley has always wanted to grow up. He has wanted to be popular and hang out with girls. Greg has lost his friend, Rowley. So now Greg wants to seem over it. Will Greg make it through, or will he face the "ugly truth'?
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