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No description

Troisième Horam

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Eminem

The wife of Eminem, said that in real life, he is a very bad husband but he is too a very good father.
Eminem in real life (by interviews)
1999, Eminem come on a planet rap, after a hard beginnings on Détroit, it is locate by "Dr Dre".
Marshall Mathers was born 17 October 1972 on Saint Joseph, Missouri, It's a actor-song witter-performer of rap, director and too american businessman.
Eminem's Life...
Eminem is a album biggest seller of a decade : 1999-2009.
Eminem, in beginning he has were Freestyler. He has, one day, wined a battle in the "Shelter" in Détroit.
This a abstract of he's movie : "8 Mile"
And more his solo career, he's member of team D12 of Détroit, which is co fonder.
He classified ten albums on the top of the U.S.
And already, all the world speak about him. He's a principal subject of press. And a particular magazine : "Rolling Stones"
The name of Eminem's daughter is Lily. He is very present for her.
He lived for a long time on Détroit. But, when he was a child, he moved much. He was all time a little new pupil. He said that was very hard.
Before to become famous, he released an album : "Infinite".
Eminem, alias Slim Shady and his real name Marshall Mathers III.
On very little time, Eminem accomplished big thinks. He is, now, a living legend of american rap. Even if it was very hard. Eminem really going look far for his lyrics. All his videos tell the histories and his lyrics, too, with a moral...
He was featuring. With :

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