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RA Training Presentation

No description

Joy Badalis

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of RA Training Presentation

Gets their energy from dealing with ideas or reflection within their own heads
Is seen as Reflective or Reserved
Feels more comfortable by themselves than with others
Likes projects they can do on their own vs. group projects
Likes the idea of something more than the actual something
Takes time to reflect before they act or speak
What do you think of when you think of an RA?
How does the stereotypical RA act?
How is this in conflict with an Introvert personality?
How do you embrace your introversion in a stereotypically extroverted job?
Not everyone can be an extrovert
Not all residents respond to extroverted RAs, some respond better to us introverts!
We are motivated, dedicated, and focused
We are imaginative, creative, enthusiastic
We are great listeners...and half of your job as an RA revolves around listening!
Many RAs don't know how to handle an introverted resident. Guess what? We do!
We don't exactly plan on going out every weekend, so our staffs know we are dependable
People trust you, because you don't talk a lot! (Seriously...this is the reason I have been told people confide in me. Because they know I won't talk about it.)
Quiet residents are more comfortable talking to quiet RAs (we know this from personal experience.)
Believe it or not....Ice breakers!
Individual coffee or lunch/dinner dates
Make a point of matching faces to names.
Motivational bundles...The small things!
Embrace opportunities to get to know them through Social Media
Two Words. Passive. Programming.
Some programs require a lot of instruction or speaking on your part. Do a program that is more about you planning it, than you leading it
Do a program that you would go to
Collaborate with another RA!
Collaborate with a department
Follow through with it!
Confessions of
an Introverted

What is an Introvert?
An Introvert:
Being an Introvert does not mean you are shy
Being an Introvert does not mean you are anti-social
Being an Introvert does not mean you are incapable of working in groups
Being an Introvert does not mean that you can not speak publicly (though we certainly may not enjoy it....)
Being an Introvert does not mean you are self-centered
An Introvert Is Not:
The Power of Introverts
Owning your
Fears of an Introverted RA
You Were Hired For a Reason
Benefits of being an Introverted RA
Tips for an Introverted RA
Getting To Know Your Residents
Working With Your Staff
I won't be able to get to know all of my residents
I'm too quiet. None of my residents will like me
If I don't like going out, how can I expect my residents to want to come to my programs?
I don't know how I will handle having to deal with hall incidents
What if my residents don't listen to me?
What if I'm not excited enough?
You know You're an Introvert When.....
9 Signs You're An Introvert
You rarely think, "The more the merrier!"
You consider doing nothing doing something
Sometimes you feel like your head is going to explode
You hide in the bathroom sometimes
You are ready to leave parties shortly after arriving
You pray for the answering machine when you call someone
You prefer one close friend to 100 lovely acquaintances
You can't imagine what all those extroverts find to talk about
You actively avoid anything that may involve a form of audience participation
Traits of an Introvert
Avoiding or Loathing Networking
People watching an observing (seriously my favorite past time ever....)
Slow train of thought and deeper processing
A lack of assertiveness (anyone have trouble saying no?)
Hating small talk (Oh. My. Gosh. So much hate!)
TMTS - Too much, too soon. Whoops...
A NEED and craving for alone time
Let your staff know upright that you are an introvert
If you have an idea, share it!
Trust that your staff will get the job done
Go to your staff for advice and help
Open up to your staff, if you have a concern, share it!
If you need alone time, take it!
Sometimes, you will need to push yourself
Any Questions?
Taking Care of Yourself
~ Stoplight Policy
~Close your door if you need to!
~Set aside time for yourself
~You are a CNU resident too!
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