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Home Guards. Made by Aidan and John

No description


on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of Home Guards. Made by Aidan and John

Here is Adolf Hitler,
the most hated enemy
of the British army (including the French army)
How people signed up for the home guard jobs
If the army was full, the army would say to people,''Become a home guard.''

The home guards used these weapons to guard their country.
haw the home grads
got transported

the wimine dident
just farm thay olso
made guns

Home Guards. Made by Aidan and John
WWII home guards
Home Guards
Home guards played some of the most important roles in WWII(World War 2) because they defended the country even though the Germans never attacked! There were over 250,000 people that wanted a home guard place! The home guards were made because there was a unknown attack in france and the English people got prepared for the attack.

Germany knows they couldnt win the war so they surendered (Hitler commited suicide)
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