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3D Printing

No description

Jack Cheuk

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of 3D Printing

3-D Printing
- Additive manufacturing (AM):
2-Dimension build up components in layer and become 3-Dimension object.

- Material in powder form: metal, plastic,paper etc.

Customization and Personalized products
Mass customization :
Growth of short production run
Opportunities for small business
Wide variety of personalized products
Industrial Application

1. Complex component
:Automotive, aerospace and machinery

G.E Aviation: first 3D-printed parts in jet engine
Royal Dutch Shell: 3D-printed engine component

+ Lighter
+ Simpler design
+ Durability
2. Digital Storage
“When 3D-printing technology is available on-site, spare parts can be stored digitally, ready for when the required part needs to be produced”

e.g Aberdeen Energy Practice
Replacement of oil rigs components : digitally stored

-Transportation cost

3D Business model

‘Weekend entrepreneur’:
design -> upload to 3D printing provider -> choose material -> proceed

No inventory cost
Low risk
Save time to launch products
Individuals and business
Manufacturing industry
Limitations & Challenges
Creativity & Uniqueness
Industrial revolution?
Custom Ear buds
Robotic Prosthetic
Shapeways: 3D business model
+ More choices for customers
- Copyright
-1984 Chuck Hull
+ More opportunities
- Cost of 3D printer
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-2009 commercialize
-2012 government funding
1) -Cost of 3D printer
- Labour costs are much cheaper
- unable to apply in massive production

2) Limited material

3D printing
Innovative ideas
(manufacturing industry and business world)

Future -Technology
-Consistent material

Customization &
Improve Manufacturing
Risk: *Everyone has their own 3D printer*
- Consumption
- International trade
Aberdeen Energy Practice, (2015). [image] Available at: http://aberdeenrenewableenergy.co.uk/About-MacRobertsEnergyPractice-157-1.html [Accessed 12 May 2015].
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Jack Cheuk
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