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Sherlock ♥ Video + Caracters

Esther Duquenois

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Sherlock

Mycroft Holmes
John Watson
Jim Moriarty
Mary Watson
Irene Adler
Greg Lestrade
Charles Augustus Magnussen
Sally Donovan
Molly Hooper
Philip Anderson
Mrs. Hudson
Crack Video by Mah81164
How many times did he fall out of the window ?
Is that why you're calling yourself Greg ?
Can you two behave like grown-ups ?
I Had Bad Days !
I know what it means
The name is Sherlock Holmes
Get Off My Sheet !
What you're looking at ?
John at Sherlock's grave
John's Habit-Breaking Support
I'm not actually gay
The Most Ridiculous Thing
Honey, you should see me in a crown
Sherlock Holmes, put your trousers on
Sherlock Saves Irene
Best ...
You Bastard !
Moriarty steals the Crown Jewels
Are you two smoking ?
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