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NetApp MGT

No description

Michael Rotar

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of NetApp MGT

NetApp Helping You Go Further, Faster (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Sustainability "As a global company, NetApp is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. We firmly believe that we can meet today’s needs, deliver shareholder value, and constructively impact the communities where we work and live without sacrificing the needs of tomorrow." Mission Triple Bottom Line - LEED Gold Certification and Responsibility EMC2 C02 Emissions (Leading Competitor) NetApp C02 Emissions Carbon Footprint Community Outreach - Donations - Volunteer Time - Off Program - 5 Full Days - Extra Technical Help - Certified Green Business
- LEED Silver and ENERGY STAR certification
- 2010 Triangle Business Journal Green Award
- #3 Green IT Vendor
- 4 Consecutive California WRAP Awards
- #3 “World’s Best Mulitnational Workplaces 2011”
- #6 FORTUNE’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” Achievements Management: Philosophy 1)Attitude
3)Catch someone doing something right
4)Leadership versus Management
5)Embracing Change Tom Georgens President
Chief Executive Officer “People need to feel they can experiment and take risks, that new ideas get heard. That’s been essential to the success of this company.” Tom Mendoza Vice Chairman “I speak about the power of corporate culture rather than values because values of good and bad companies sound the same. Culture is how people act.”

“Summer’s over, intensity's up. Do you have written, time bound measurable goals as fall starts?” David Hitz Founder
Executive Vice President “Figure out something in your work that means something to you. It’s different for everybody, but if you can do that you are going to enjoy your life more.” Benefits Range of Wellness Programs

Adoption Assistance

Insurance Work-Life Programs Employee Assistance Program

Educational Assistance
(Tuition Reimbursement) Prepaid Legal Plan Professional Growth TOAST: Training On All Things Special All-Hands Meetings NetAppU Mentoring History of NetApp 1992- Founded by David Hitz
1994- Venture capital funding from Sequoia Capital
1995- IPO
1996-2000- Opened offices in Europe, the Far East, and Latin America What is NetApp Computer storage and data management
Formerly Network Appliance
Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California
Product Line-“Filers”
Industry standard hardware- universal and flexible solution to data storage and retrieval History of NetApp 21st Century-changing composition in their customer base
“Blue-Chip” Corporations-1/3
2002- 60% of sales- Financial Services, Telecommunication and Energy Fields
Currently- 27% Market Share Success of NetApp Notable customers- Exxon Mobil, GE, Merrill Lynch, and GM
Biggest rival- EMC Corporation- $1 Million vs. $15,000-more efficient
Took advantage of the "Dot-com Bubble"
Demand for the Storage industry- increasing 70% annually Tom Mendoza Tom Mendoza-Vice Chairman
Joined in 1994
First sales executive
President 2000-2008
BA in Economics from Notre Dame
Our Business school- endowment 12,000 employees 150 offices worldwide
Long History of making “Best Places to Work” list
2009-1st on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for
Fortune 500 company, member of S&P and the NASDAQ
$6.2B in Revenue last year NetApp Facts (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Data Storage Industry What do we do? Technology Advances
Efficiency of product
Major Players: EMC, Alanco, SanDisk Originally, data stored in the computer itself Management at NetApp Hardware Software Cloud Us vs The Competition - FAS6200 Software Acquisitions Acquired different software programs Thrived during the dot com bubble years 1991-2000 -File-storage system v. block storage -Flexible enough to support different types of software that enables you to back up data, streamline movement of data, put data on a cloud, etc. OS ONTAP 8 - take control of infrastructure without increasing staff -Run different programs such as VST, FlexVol, and Snapshot without causing a performance penalty -FlexPod -Technology that can be scaled and designed to your preference and business needs -Private Cloud with Microsoft Technology -Started with 1-2% of market share at IPO, now at 27% Partnerships -Flexible products allow for you to shape the products to fit you, not the other way around -More user friendly -IBM and EMC have different systems for different tasks; ours is more unified Market before the IPO NetApp only controlled 1-2% of the data storage market After NetApp IPO Storage Security and Storage Management Customer Service Impact of NetApp Changed the entire Data Storage Industry Network Filing System Entire market philosophy shifted The Industry Today NetApp's technological advancement NetApp Market Standing Looking towards the future - Non - Profits Green IT - Recycling Program - Everyday Activities - 99% diversion rate - WRAP Award Industry Position and History - People - Planet - Profit Partners Apple
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