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The Rise of the Mali Empire

No description

madison flake

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of The Rise of the Mali Empire

By: US!!!:) The Rise of the Mali Empire Sundiata's victory over Samanguru became the new Mali empire. Sundiata was a wise ruler. His armies were fierce and strong and they conquered the gold-salt trade. By the 1300's Mali expanded the empire over Western Europe. A New Empire Mali traded with Egypt, North Africa, and Southern Europe. When they traded they used camels and the Niger river to transport them. Mali adopted the religion of Islam. Islam influenced the culture and customs of the Mali empire. Sundiata the founder of Mali put the generals in charge of the trade officials. And people accepted that policy because the generals protected them from invaders. A Great Empire 1. What year was it when Samanguru took over what was left of the Mali empire?

2. By what year did the Mali empire expand over Western Europe?

3. Name all the places Mali traded with. Questions.....? 1. Answers...........:)))) 1. 1203


3. Europe, North Africa, and Southern Europe. Citation 1. Hart Dian. Prentice
Hall. New Jersey:
Pearson Education
Inc., 2006.
2. Spielvogel J.
Jackson. Medieval
and Early Times.
New York: McGraw Ghana ruled many small kingdoms. Ghana fell and the caravan routes and the trade became dangerous. In 1203 a new leader named Samanguru came and took over what was left of the Mali empire he became a harsh ruler. Samanguru taxed his subjects harsh, he stole their gold, and he kidnapped their children. He also killed all the people that tried to challenge his power. The Rise of the Mali Empire Applause!!!! 7.4.1 We will be talking about the growth of the Mali empire. Hill Companies Inc.,
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