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Egyptian Gods Family Tree

The family tree of the Egyptian Gods

Damon Love

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Egyptian Gods Family Tree

What were the family connections of the Egyptian Gods? Family Tree of Egyptian Gods Nun, Nu Personification of the Waters of Chaos Ra, Re The Sun God Name comes from either 'sun' or linked to 'creative power' and 'creator' Apep, Apophis An Evil god The deification of Darkness and Chaos Opponent of Light and Ma'at Neith, Nit, Net, Neit Goddess of Hunting Her name can be interpreted as Water Is identified as the Great Mother Goddess as she was considered as the personified version of the waters of creation. Sobek God of Crocodiles In some Myths Sobek was the first to come out of the waters of Chaos Son of Set and Neith Son of Neith Ptah An intellectual creator god unlike other creation gods he used his heart and tongue to create objects The Patron God of skilled craftsmen and architects Khnum, Khnemu, Chnum Originally God of water, he then became a god of pottery He also was known to give the body and the "ka"
(spirit) of each newborn child. Atum,Temu,Tem A composite deity with Ra Humankind Was sculpted by Khnum and brought to life by Ptah and Heket. Son of Nun Son of Nun Son of Nun Son of Nun Imhotep Was a Chief Architect Son of Ptah Anuket, Anket, Anqet A personification of the Nile as "Nourisher of the Fields" The Goddess of the Hunt Worshiped as a Protector of Childbirth Daughter of Satet and Khnum. Heket, Heqet Goddess of Childbirth and Fertility Wife of Khnum Khnum made Humankind out of clay, which Heket and Ptah breathed life into Satet, Setet, Sathit Patron of the flooding of the Nile Was said that every year Isis shed one tear which Satet caught and poured onto the Nile An Archer Goddess Linked to Sophis and Hathor Daughter of Ra Key Offspring Wedded Natural Offspring Associated With Ma'at Symbol of Order (Ma'at) Goddess of Order, Balance and Truth More of a Concept then a Goddess A Feather of Truth from her crown used to weigh the dead's heart Isdes, Astennu A baboon deity associated with Thoth One of four baboons who stood around the Lake of Fire at the place of judgment in Duat Hike Son of Atum God of Magic and Medicine Adviser to Priestly Doctors Bastet Daughter of Ra Mother of Mihos Bastet was the goddess of fire, cats, of the home and pregnant women. Shu God of Light, Wind, Sun and the Atmosphere Son of Atum Husband of Tefnut Father of Nut and Geb Can be seen supporting the Sky above his head while the Earth resides under his feet Tefnut Sister and Wife of Shu Goddess of moisture of the air Child of Atum When Atum became associated with Ra, Ra became her father Mihos, Maahes Son of Bastet Helped Ra in the daily battle against Apep God of War Nut, Nuit Daughter of Shu and Tefnut Wife and Brother of Geb Said to be mother of Ra as she swallows the sun-god in the evening and gives birth to him at night Geb, Seb, Gebb Son of Shu and Tefnut Brother and Husband of Nut God of Earth Hathor Goddess of joy, motherhood, love and fertility Daughter of Nut and Ra Wife of Ra Mother of Ihy Ihy God of music Child of Hathor Sekhmet Wrathful form of Hathor Went on killing rampage got stopped by a mix of pomegranate juice and beer made by Ra Triad Goddess Wife of Ptah Mother of Nefertum Thoth God of Wisdom and Learning Was self-created like Ma'at Had three children He and Ma'at traveled next to Ra as he traveled across the sky Known as the "Moon" Nefertem, Nefertum Associated with the Lotus Flower Had a Warlike Aspect Son of Ptah and Skhmet Renenet, Renenutet, Ernutet Cobra goddess Gaze could kill Mother of Nehebkau Guarded the Entrance to the Underworld. Nehebkau Protected the Pharaoh into the Afterlife Accompanies Ra during his voyage through the Underworld Son of Renenet. Seshat, Sashet, Sesheta Wife/child of Thoth Goddess of Writing, Astronomy, Architecture and Mathematics Seen as a Scribe and Record Keeper. Shai,Shay, Schai God of of Fate and Destiny Associated with Meskhenet, Renenutet or Sashet Meskhenet, Mesenet, Meskhent Goddess of Childbirth and Fate Associated with Shai and Renenutet Nekhbet, Nechbet A Vulture Goddess who was originally Goddess of a city Wife of Hapi Isis Goddess of Rebirth First daughter of Geb and Nut Wife of Osiris Known as Goddess of Magic and Goddess of Earth Mother of Horus Osiris First child of Nut and Geb Father of Horus and Anubis King of the Afterlife His realm was said to lie beneath Nun Nephyths, Nebt-het Daughter of Geb and Nut Wife of Set Mother of Anubis whose father was Osiris One of her roles to protect Hapi as he guarded the lungs of the dead. Set, Seth, Suetekh ​Used to be God of Wind and Storms but then became God of Evil ​Son of Geb and Nut Husband of Nephyths and Taweret Heru-ur Enemy of Set Son and Husband of Hathor One of the Oldest Gods Horus Associated with the Pharaohs of Egypt There were two main forms of Horus, Pharaoh form or Solar form Son of Isis and Osisris Anubis A Funeral Deity Known as the god of the dead before Osiris but afterward was known as Osiris's Son Husband of Anput Father of Kebechet Taweret, Taurt, Toeris Goddess of Birth, Rebirth and the Northern Sky A fierce protector of both mother and child Formally Concubine of Set but then became a follower of Horus Linked to Isis Kebechet, Kebhut, Kebehut Goddess of Freshness Daughter of Anubis and Anput Linked to the goddess Ma'at Anput Wife of Anubis Mother of Kebechet A Goddess of the Desert and because of that a Goddess of Protection Hapi, Hapy God of the Nile Son of Horus Husband of Nekhebt and Buto Associated with Nun Protector of the Lungs Buto, Uto Snake Goddess Protector of the Egyptian King together with Nekhebt Wife of Hapi Imsety, Amset, Mestha Protector of the Liver Son of Horus Duamutef, Tuamutef Protector of the
Stomach Son of Horus Kebechsenef, Qebehsenuef Protector of the Intestines Son of Horus His Sons were the Protectors of Organs The family connections of the Egyptian Gods were vast and varied it includes marriages between siblings, marriages between parents and child and many other different connections and interrelations between them. Hopefully this family map will help you understand the connections and overview of the 'Main' Gods of Egypt. What were the family connections of the Egyptian Gods?
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