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odalys gomez

on 20 February 2013

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Esperanza Rising
Book Report Minor Characters Protagonist Antagonists Setting ^<^ Author:Pam Munoz Ryan Table of Contents This book takes place in Las Rosas Ranch Aguascalientes
Mexico, where Esperanza
and her family harvest grapes to live . Then they later move to Arvin,California,during the great depression of the 1930's, 10 years after the Mexican Revolution By:Pam Munoz Ryan Odalys Gomez
Mrs. Ramos
period:1st About the Author
Minor characters
Literature Genre
Recommendations Born in December 11,1951 in San Joaquin Valley in California
During her childhood, she spent many days riding her bike to a small branch library to fill her bike basket with books there her passion for books started .
She decided that she wanted to do something that had to do with her love for books, so she later became a bilingual teacher. She was married and had four children of her own. When she returned to college to get her master’s degree in education, a professor suggested that she should consider writing books. Her new career as a successful writer began The inspiration for Esperanza Rising came from her grandmother. An immigrant from Mexico, that faced interfamily complications, the death of her father, and the prejudice for her Hispanic heritage.
Pam Muñoz Ryan has won many literary awards, including the Pura Belpre Medal, the Jane Addams Peace Award, an ALA Top Ten Best Book for Young Adults, and the California Young Reader Medal and othes more. Today she works as a full-time writer and lives north of San Diego, California with her husband Jim and their two dogs T H E M E "Mountains and Valleys" At the beginning of the story, Esperansa's grandma teaches her how to knit a zigzag pattern, which she says is like going up a mountain and down into a valley. Throughout the the story Esperanza remembers her instructions and compares them with her own life. This event shows the theme of this book, which is that we come across mountains and valleys throughout our lives. Life is not always simple. Bad things can happen to us, as they do to Esperanza. Anyhow like Esperanza, we can always "rise" above them. We have happy times, or “mountains” as well as tough times, or “valleys” which can make us, a stronger person and encourage us to keep on trying. Esperanza Ortega.
Is a thirteen year old girl that dreams of beautiful quinceanera dresses, parties and marrying one of the wealthiest guys in Aguas Calientes, Mexico like her.She has black hair that is wavy and thick,more like her mothers.Her lashes are the color of her hair and her skin is fair and creamy.At the begging of the story she is shown in a beautiful hand made silk dress. As the story begins Esperanza is a spoiled child she expects everyone to worship her being the only child and from a wealthy family, but she soon realizes that the loss of her dad forces her to move to California looking for a better future after her uncles make her life miserable after taking over the ranch they live in leaving her and her family in ruins Tío Luis and Tío Marco, Esperanza's dad's step brothers They force Esperanza and Mama to leave Mexico and provide a threat to Abuelita, who must stay behind . •The bandits who murder Esperanza's father that create a major tragedy for Esperanza

•The immigration officials deport Mexican strikers (including U.S. citizens)

•The strikers who put rattlesnakes in the workers' boxes are making it difficult for Esperanza to do her job and make the money she needs to support her family Juan is Alfonso's brother. He and his wife, Josefina, live and work in the San Joaquin Valley in California with their three children, Isabel and twin babies. Recommendations L t a u e i e r t r Genre Exposition and Rising Action Exposition: On El Rancho de las Rosas in Aguascalientes, Mexico, Esperanza is surrounded by people who adore her and as the daughter of the ranch owner, she has it pretty good. She has beautiful silk dresses, plenty of servants, and a party thrown in her honor every year Rising Action: Esperanza's life gets destroyed when her father is killed by bandits. his brothers Tio Luis and Marco burn down Ranch House and force Esperanza and her mother to flee from Mexico and provide threat to abuelita whom is left behind. Esperanza must learn to adapt from living as a wealthy child to a new life as a poor migrant in California. She hast to learn to live with and be like people she once called servant to being now like family. She must learn basic skills from cleaning to cooking as well as child care and hard work like harvesting. as she finally has things under control her mom gets really ill and esperanza has to be responsible for her and buying her mom her medicines and she has to figure out a way to get abuelita out of Mexico C L I M A X Climax: The climax occurs when Miguel brings Abuelita to California. This is the most significant part of thestory because it proves to Esperanza that everything will be all right in California. After, Abuelita’s escape from Mexico is a final victory over Tío Luis and Tío Marco, who tried to keep her away from leaving. When Abuelita comes to California, Tío Luis and Tío Marco no longer have any power over Esperanza’s family Falling Action and Resolution Falling Action: With Esperanza's mom out of the hospital and Abuelita with them, the two Valleys (though times) in Esperanza’s life have been overcome. She realizes that having family is more important than having material things and being rich Resolution: The resolution happens at the very end of the book, when Esperanza and Miguel listen to the earth. This happens a full year after the tragedy of her father’s death, and goes back to how the book began. Esperanza has learned how to be rich in being poor and learns that life is full of mountains and valleys Ramona Ortega
Ramona is Esperanza’s mother. She is devastated by the loss of her husband and her home. However, she refuses to marry her cruel brother-in-law, Tío Marco, because she wants to remain with Esperanza--no matter what the circumstances Abuelita
Abuelita is Esperanza’s grandmother and Ramona’s mother. She lives with the family on the ranch in Mexico. When Tío Marco burns down the house, Abuelita hurts her ankle and cannot make the trip to California Alfonso
Alfonso is Miguel’s father. He worked on Papa’s ranch and hes the one who helped Esperanza and her mom flee to Arvin,California Sixto Ortega
Sixto is Esperanza’s father. He is a good man who is very generous to those who work for him. When Sixto is killed Esperanza’s entire life changes. Miguel
Miguel is the son of Alfonso and Hortensia, who work for Esperanza’s family. Esperanza and Miguel grow up together at the ranch. Miguel believes that living in the United States, even as a poor farmer, is better than living in Mexico because he has the opportunity to advance I would highly recommend this book, because it gives you a different view of the Mexican immigrants and how much they struggle in life to be respected, and that you can be rich in a poor way also this book has a moral that you have to be thankful for what you have because someone can be wanting to be in your place and have all what you have and also to learn how to live your life overcoming through the valleys and the mountains you might come across in your life The Genre of this book is Historical Fiction because inspired on a the stories the author's grandmother would tell her
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