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The Wendat By: Theepiga ,Ariana, Sarisha, Brandon and Kyle.D

Mrs.Green 6-4

Kyle Dang

on 19 September 2016

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Transcript of The Wendat By: Theepiga ,Ariana, Sarisha, Brandon and Kyle.D


Communication, spirituality, the arts and relaxation are important parts of psychological needs.
Among the Wendat, they decent from their mothers.
Each longhouse had people from a particular clan.
The clan mother was the wisest and the oldest.
The Wendat believed everything in nature.
They had a ceremony before hunting to call animals allowing themselves to be caught.
After they finished hunting they would thank the animals for the generosity.

Meeting Group Needs
Physical Needs
Thank You For Listening To Our Presentation!
The Wendat People!

The Wendat people had thick and high fences to keep the wild animals out and make sure the babies don't get too far out.
They hung a lot of corn on their roof for emergencies, in case their crops didn't grow very well and they didn't earn a lot of money.

Their longhouses were very cold so they had fires to keep themselves warm.

All the smoke would go to the corn so the squirrels and wild mice don't want to eat them due to the smoky taste.

Their grandma's were their clan mothers. Men moved to their wife's house after getting married so, all ladies in a longhouse were related to each other somehow.
They lived in each longhouse for about 10-30 years.

About 250 people lived in each village. They made a particular design on their cutlery which represented their clan and all girls learned it from their mothers.

They also drew animals on their doors to represent their clan (usually the animal was the most common animal in their area).

They were divided into 4 main tribes: Bear Tribe (Attignawantan), Cord Tribe (Attigneenongnahac), Rock Tribe (Arendarhonon), Deer Tribe (Tahontaenrat).

There were 3 types of illnesses: Natural causes, Unnatural causes, and psycho-illnesses that started in dreams.

People called "Shamans" cured illnesses, dealt with witchcraft, predicted future, found lost objects and controlled wind, rain, and weather.

Men were healers, and ladies dealt with witchcraft and sorcery.
The Shamans would fast and remain celibate until they got answers.
The Wendat men went hunting for fish for the family to eat.
The woman gathered resources to crop in between tree roots.
The men also went hunting for deer, wild nuts, berries and maple
They stored the food to last for many years.

The Wendat people thought that dreams were very significant.
To them, dreams could tell the future help cure illnesses,and manage the weather.
The Wendat people had special healers called shamans, who communicated dreams to people as mentioned before.
After settling in their different groups they had a council meeting.
The Wendat spoke a language called "Iroquoian."
They lived in clans, basically clans were extended families.
They're eight animal clans Bear, Dear, Turtle, Beaver, Wolf, Loon, Hawk, and Fox.
They can't marry if they are in the same clan. Feasts were an critical part of the Wendat people's religion.
Feasts involved dancing and special routines , and often contests or games.
The stars were also important in helping to teach the Wendat people what they should do each season.
When a unique constellation appeared, the Wendat people would have a story to tell about it.
These stars and stories helped the Wendat people keep track of their jobs.
The Wendat people followed a yearly cycle of ceremonies based on a moon calendar.
This means that at every new moon a new month would begin.
An average longhouse accommodated six families.
Each family consisted of a woman, her daughters or sisters, and their husbands and children.
In the longhouse, the women had influence on the male leaders.
Women were guardians of the family and of village traditions.
They also had a long list of duties.
Hi! I'm Brandon, I am Sarisha, I am Theepiga, I am Ariana, and I am Kyle.D. Today we are going to be talking about the Wendat people.They were a group of Canadian aboriginals. We are going to be covering how they met their physical needs, how they met their psychological needs, how they met their needs as a group, their culture, and their environment.Let's get started!
Remember at the end we will be asking questions, the reward will be chocolate or candy!
By:Sarisha, Ariana, Theepiga ,Kyle.D,And Brandon
What did the men and woman do for Food?(Theepiga)
The Environment
The climate in which the Wendat people lived in include hot summers and absolutely cold and snowy winters.
In the spring the Wendat people prepared the earth for growing crops.
In the summer the Wendat women weeded crops, and gathered herbs and medicine.
The land is usually very fertile because the rain is mostly heavy or medium.
Cedar leaves and berries were the usual source of vitamin C.
Maple trees were the source of sugar.
Trees were used to make canoes and shelter, and the inner bark of a willow tree was used as aspirin.
They hunted in coniferous forest, deciduas forests, tundra, and grasslands.
The common animals they saw were beavers, bears, wolves, deer, and turtles.
The Wendat men wore clothing called loincloths made from deer or beaver.
Women wore skirts instead of loincloths.
They wore fur cloaks and moccasins to be warm.
They decorated their clothing with the colour red, they used beads and porcupine.
On a special day they wore jewelery that was made out of glass beads or shells that were carved out of a bone.

The Wendat people lived in a longhouse. A longhouse was made out of
Cedar Slabs
. A longhouse could be over 100 feet long.
It could hold more than 10 families.
Also the wendat people lived in wigwams.
They had four fireplaces in total to keep each family warm.
Traveling was very important for the Wendat people because they would often go across the lands where the animals lived to get food.
They used canoes to travel across rivers, valleys, oceans and lakes.

Also in the winter the Wendat people walked in snowshoes.
What are clans? (Ariana)
What did the Wendat people wear on a special day? (Theepiga)
What was a longhouse made of? (Theepiga)
What did the Wendat people use for Traveling? (Theepiga)
What did language the Wendat people speak?(Ariana)
What happened every new moon?(Ariana)
Psychological Needs
What did the Wendat people do to keep the wild animals out of their village and make sure babies don't go too far? (Sarisha)
How did the the Wendat people stop the wild mice and squirrels from eating their corns? (Sarisha)
How did the Wendat people keep themselves warm in their cold longhouses? (Sarisha)
What did the Wendat people use as the usual source of vitamin C? (Brandon)
What is the importance of the psychological needs? (Kyle.D)
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