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Ryanair Presentation

DT365/4 Consumer Behaviour

Amy O'Flaherty

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Ryanair Presentation

A History of Ryanair
Brand Image
Since roll out of new strategy in November the companies share price rose to 35 (Irish Independent, 2014)

Digital Marketing
Ryanair App
Company Website
Established 1985 (£1 capital and staff of 25)

Flew a 15 seater from Waterford to London daily. (5’2 cabin crew)

After just two years passenger numbers increased by 64% (5000-322000)

1990 adopted “low cost” strategy (scraped food/drink and went to lowest fairs)

1993- reach 1 million passengers

1997- expanded routes to the continent

2000- launched initial website

2006 - web check in

2008- controversial calendar

2012- 79,325,820
(Ryanair, 2014)

Company is now valued at 10 mill (Irish Independent,2014)

It is fair to say that Ryanair had/do have a very negative brand image amongst customers.

Kenny Jacobs (CMO) states that the objectives of Ryanair in 2014 is “to improve brand perception and loyalty as well as customer service”.

They aim to achieve this by “catching up fast on digital” and becoming a “digital leader in the aviation category”.

Ryanairs digital marketing strategy has seen a
significant change over recent months.

“Our primary focus this winter will be to significantly invest
in, and improve, the Ryanair.com website, our mobile
platform and our interaction with passengers
using social media” (O'Leary, 2013)

According to the Ryanair website (4/3/14) the purpose of rolling out this new digital strategy is to “make it easier for passengers to navigate..identify availability… and book Ryanairs great fares”
The new digital marketing strategy will include using a considerable amount of its marketing budgets on new media with a view to focusing on mobile media.

Website prior 2000
Website mid 2000
Current Website
Joined twitter 18th September
First tweet:

Twitter followers can avail of #flashsales fares, weekly Q&A sessions with Ryanair Management and the chance to be the face of Ryanair each week


QR scanning
Assigned seating
Phone usage onboard
Baggage allowance
Group bookings
Ryanair TV

Other Aspects
On 1/10/13 the Ryanair app was launched free of cost (previously €3)
Means-End Supply Chain
Theory of Consumer Value
Value for a consumer is the consumers' evaluation of a consumer object in terms of which general benefit the consumer might get from consuming it
Therefore, it is suggested that the consumer experience may generate the following types of consumer value
The following consumer values must be considered in a companies digital strategy to create a positive emotional connection, relationships and loyalty
List of Consumer Values
Efficiency- convenience (time and energy expended)
Excellence- experience of quality is prime motivation
Status- consumer pursues success
Self esteem- satisfied with purchase

Play- enjoys consumption process
Aesthetics-reactive appreciation of experience
Ethics- feel morally correct with consumption choice
Spirituality- sacredness in consumption
General Recommendations
Create a
where people must send in a photo collage summing up their best holiday with Ryanair

Winner will receive
free flights
for a year

Run Seasonal Competitions
- e.g. At Christmas-drawing competition for children aged 1-10, must be anything incorporating Ryanair with the Christmas spirit

Winner wins flights to
for themselves and family.

Recommendations Cont.
Website Recommendations
App .
Create a link for the Ryanair App in the App store on the companies website for customers to download easily

Promote the App more on other social media platforms

Currently Ryanair has a reasonable online presence, there is however room for improvement.
The absence of a Facebook is a set back as it is a hugely valuable tool that can be used to create brand awareness and entice customers. As too is the absence of Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.
Our recommendations ensure that the company has a more well rounded digital marketing strategy in the future

The Means-End Chain Model

Links consumers knowledge about product attributes with their knowledge about consequences and values.
They perceive most attributes
as a means to some end.
Group 13:
Eddie Alford
Nicki Bailey
Nichola Connell
Caoimhe Dunbar
Rebecca Humphries
Amy O' Flaherty

Thank You for Listening.

Any Questions?

Solomon, M R, Bamossy, G, Askegaard, S and Hogg, M K (2010) Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective, Fourth Edition ed.

The Journal.ie (2014, March 3). Ryanair’s new marketing man: We want to make it better for customers. Retrieved March 4, 2014, from http://businessetc.thejournal.ie/kenny-jacobs-marketing-ryanair-dmx-dublin-1343054-Mar2014/

Journal.ie (2013, June 7). Here are the best questions and answers from this afternoon’s #askryanair session. Retrieved March 4, 2014, from http://thedailyedge.thejournal.ie/ryanair-q-and-a-1256869-Jan2014
Bibliography contd.
Twitter (n.d.). Ryanair (Ryanair) on Twitter. Retrieved March 4, 2014, from https://twitter.com/Ryanair

Ryanair (n.d.). Travel news. Retrieved March 4, 2014, from http://www.ryanair.com/ie/news

Smith, 2009, Ryanair-a branded customer experience? | CustomerThink
Irish Independent (2014, March 2). Ryanair teams with Paypal to transform sales - Independent.ie. Retrieved March 4, 2014, from http://www.independent.ie/business/irish/ryanair-teams-with-paypal-to-transform-sales-30053265.html
Incorporate live Twitter feed featuring the #askryanair hashtags and an option to tweet

Place Ryanair’s social media icons at the top of the page in a prominent positions(Facebook, Twitter etc)

Include app for phone option
Develop a profile

Link to Twitter account

Link to YouTube account

Include promotions and competitions as seen on other social media sites
Create more competitions to add to the customer experience

Use Twitter to promote the companies new focus on improved customer service

Develop a Twitter Ad
Utilise YouTube more and create videos for all competitions and promotions

Post all videos to other social media sites
Develop an account

Post destination photos

Link photos to Facebook and Twitter accounts

Have customers on Instagram post photos of their Ryanair experience similar to Twitter
through YouTube videos, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Ryanair brand will be associated with
positive experiences
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