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The Guide: student generated content for the public

Teaching and Learning Showcase July 2014

Katja Stuerzenhofecker

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of The Guide: student generated content for the public

The Guide:

student generated content for the public

RELT20121 Religion, Culture and Gender
Katja Stuerzenhofecker

topical nature of the module

students' opinions and prejudices
Guide task to challenge students:
choose a topic you care about;
step back from your opinions;
identify & evaluate multiple perspectives
inductive process of the module

writing for the 'real' world
Guide task to challenge students:
write for a professional, non-academic audience;
consider their needs in terms of accessibility
and information provided;
refine your proposal through Mentor feedback
integrated assessment of the module

reflective portfolio
Guide task building on other parts of portfolio:
contextual analysis of anecdotal evidence (Learning Journal);
idenitfication and evaluation of multiple perspectives (small group Student-led Discussions)
the Guide looking outwards

the website
Mentor feedback:
alumni of Religions & Theology;
integrated student proposal & mentor feedback form:
is the proposal relevant and accesible to the target audience, i.e. people like the Mentors
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