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The Tempest: Group Presentation

ENG2DG-.03 2010-2011 Gr. 10 English

Emily McDonald

on 21 June 2011

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Transcript of The Tempest: Group Presentation

T H E T E M P E S T By: Emily, Jessie, Shannon and Janet Group Presentations p r o s p e r o o t h e r c h a r a c t e r s the play begins A C T I A C T II A C T III A C T IV A C T V the play ends ARGUMENT 6. "How do the changes that individual characters go through relate to Prospero's overall transition from seeking vengeance to finding forgiveness?" 'Pose a central question of importance or significance to the play and the attempt to answer it in perhaps a variety of different ways or using a variety of different methods. Refer to the play to support your answer.' ARIEL portrayed as an asexual spirit with no human-like emotions
follows Prospero’s orders without contributing his personal opinion
desperate to be set free from Prospero  feeds his power
 keeps him omnipotent and stubborn ARIEL watching and hearing about the men from Ariel helps him familiarize himself with them ARIEL ARIEL shows more affection for Ariel is curious and perhaps wanting of human emotions
is finally set free by Prospero ARIEL decides to lift all spells and set all free after hearing what Ariel says
claims responsibility for Caliban
forgives all of the men; speaks to them directly CALIBAN CALIBAN “We are such stuff / As dreams are made on, and our little life / Is rounded with a sleep.” (IV.i.156-158) “These three have robb’d me, and this demi-devil – for he’s a bastard one – had plotted with them to take my life. Two of these fellows you must know and own; this thing of darkness I acknowledge mine.” (V.i.272-276) MIRANDA MIRANDA MIRANDA MIRANDA ARIEL to P FERDINAND FERDINAND FERDINAND FERDINAND M/F to P M/F to P M/F to P Receives apologies from Alonso regarding the incidents 12 years ago, but Alonso is silenced by Prospero Alonso + enemies were forgiven when he opened up to Ferdinand (idea of family and love softens his anger) Miranda is now his wife, and Prospero like his second father p
o a l o n s o m i r a n d a a n t o n i o s e b a s t i a n g o n z a l o c a l i b a n t r i n c u l o f e r d i n a n d s t e p h a n o a r i e l Minor Characters MINOR CHARACTERS “A south-west blow on ye / And blister you all o’er!” (I.ii.323-324)
“This island’s mine by Sycorax my mother, which thou tak’st from me. When thou cam’st first thou strok’st me and made much of me… and then I lov’d thee, and show’d thee all the qualities o’th’ isle… Curs’d be I that did so!” (I.ii.332-339)
“You taught me language, and my profit on’t / Is I know how to curse.” (I.ii.362-363)
“I must obey. His art is of such power / It would control my dam’s god Setebos / And make a vassal of him.” (I.ii.372-374) Compassionate towards strangers
Understands now about Prospero's history as the Duke of Milan and why they are on the island
Established that Miranda was dishonored by Caliban
Naive due to little experience with humans, when she sees Ferdinand she falls in love immediately Introduces himself as the Prince (self-absorbed aura)
Falls in love immediately upon looking at Miranda (immature understanding of love) “Thou poisonous slave, got by the devil himself / Upon thy wicked dam, come forth!” (I.ii.319-320)
“Thou most lying slave… thou didst seek to violate / The honour of my child.” (I.ii.344-348)
“If thou neglect’st or dost unwillingly / What I command, I’ll rack thee with old cramps…” (I.ii.367-368) Reminiscing his hurtful past stirs up his emotions again - desire to seek revenge is driven even more
Very protective/cautious as M falls in love with F, as he doesn't want her to fall in love too fast
Hurts F as if he were his enemies - cold behaviour M/F to P Gonzalo sees the best in people, stays cool under pressure
Antonio and Sebastian are a pair, feed off each other's negativity
Alonso has one line
Stephano and Trinculo are not introduced watches the men on the island and becomes familiar with them
involves himself in the events
reports to Prospero of the events Caliban tries to hide under his cloak from Trinculo and Stephano, who he believes are spirits sent by Prospero to torture him.
Trinculo discovers Caliban when he crawls under the cloak as well.
Stephano offers Caliban some wine to ease his distress.
Caliban begs to worship Stephano and promises to lead them around and show them the isle. CALIBAN Caliban devises a plan to kill Prospero.
Stephano relishes the thought of possessing the island kingdom. plays around with Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano
helps Prospero and portrays his loyalty for his master
shows a more intimidating and unexpected side Seeks love from Ferdinand and asks for his hand in marriage
"I am your wife if you will marry me; if not, I'll die your maid." (III.i.83-84)
Very modest and innocent speaks to the men through Ariel; first time his name is mentioned to them Proud in his daughter yet sad to see her grow up
"So glad of this as they I cannot be, / Who are surprised with all” (III.i.93–94). Shows that he somewhat controls what Miranda says and does Shows a humbled and selfless side - treats Miranda like his queen and puts her before himself
Confesses his love for Miranda shows interest in human emotions
has a slight miscommunication with Prospero Marriage takes place
Prospero wants to keep her innocence for as long as possible - not to lose virginity until after the marriage ceremony Promises not to break Miranda's "virgin-knot" until after the wedding - respects his future father's wishes Knows that Miranda's innocence will be lost and she will transition from a girl to a woman
Causes him to reflect on the many stages of life and his own old age CALIBAN to P Prospero's Journey CALIBAN TO P ACT I: Prospero is angry, and uses the Tempest to gain control over the people who stole control from him.
ACT II: Observing the other characters gives Prospero an idea of what happens when one choses one way over another. Perspective is gained on good and bad choices.
ACT III: Great contrast between happy and angry moments. Events involvng other characters shows Prospero great possibilities.
ACT IV: Prospero deals with his fantasy and reality. He struggles between what he wants to do and what is the best thing to do.
ACT V: Decisions are made. Prospero is influence by the people around him and the consequences of their actions. He decides to forgive. ARIEL to P CALIBAN TO P ARIEL to P ARIEL to P ARIEL to P In the above picture, Antonio (left) and Sebastian (right) are plotting to kill the King. Act 2. 2010. Photograph. AllMoviePhoto.com. Web. 20 Feb. 2011. <http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/2010_the_tempest_005.html>.
Act 2 Scene 2. 2010. Photograph. AllMoviePhoto.com. Web. 20 Feb. 2011. <http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/2010_the_tempest_020_big.html>.
Act 3. 2010. Photograph. AllMoviePhoto.com. Web. 20 Feb. 2011. <http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/2010_the_tempest_011.html>.
Act 4. 2010. Photograph. AllMoviePhoto.com. Web. 20 Feb. 2011. <http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/2010_the_tempest_002.html>.
Act 5. 2010. Photograph. AllMoviePhoto.com. Web. 20 Feb. 2011. <http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/2010_the_tempest_024.html>.
Alonso. 2010. Photograph. AllMoviePhoto.com. Web. 20 Feb. 2011. <http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/2010_the_tempest_007.html>.
Antonio. 2010. Photograph. AllMoviePhoto.com. Web. 20 Feb. 2011. <http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/2010_the_tempest_008.html>.
Ariel. 2010. Photograph. AllMoviePhoto.com. Web. 20 Feb. 2011. <http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/2010_the_tempest_030.html>.
Caliban. 2010. Photograph. AllMoviePhoto.com. Web. 20 Feb. 2011. <http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/2010_the_tempest_012.html>.
Ferdinand. 2010. Photograph. AllMoviePhoto.com. Web. 20 Feb. 2011. <http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/2010_the_tempest_026.html>.
Gonzalo. 2010. Photograph. AllMoviePhoto.com. Web. 20 Feb. 2011. <http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/2010_the_tempest_010.html>.
Miranda. Photograph. AllMoviePhoto.com. Web. 20 Feb. 2011. <http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/2010_the_tempest_018.html>.
Prospero. Photograph. Web. 20 Feb. 2011. <http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_dG3g2NHtqSU/TCIvlzyQQAI/AAAAAAAAAkA/ePmXeR7O53Q/s1600/Plummer.jpg>.
Sebastian. 2010. Photograph. AllMoviePhoto.com. Web. 20 Feb. 2011. <http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/2010_the_tempest_009.html>.
Stephano. 2010. Photograph. AllMoviePhoto.com. Web. 20 Feb. 2011. <http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/2010_the_tempest_027.html>.
Trinculo. 2010. Photograph. AllMoviePhoto.com. Web. 20 Feb. 2011. <http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/2010_the_tempest_013.html>. Images Cited In the above picture, Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, and Gonzalo become exhausted from wandering the island looking for Ferdinand. So here's how it works. prospero characters major minor timeline of play Divided by acts
Each character's change is related back to Prospero's change
Major characters
Minor characters
All contributions to overall journey Trinculo and Stephano are shown running from the hounds Prospero set on them Prospero casts his staff off into the sea MINOR to P Prospero hears secondhand from Ariel
Amused with terror created for passengers
Raises Prospero to a higher level (through his own eyes) MINOR CHARACTERS Gonzalo stays ever the optimist
Antonio and Sebastian pair up and dispute everything Gonzalo says. They are very negative characters.
Alonso mourns for the loss of his son, is comforted by Gonzalo

Antonio convinces Sebastian that he has much to gain by killing his brother. He acts as a very influential figure to Sebastian. MINOR to P Minor characters do not go through drastic changes - their personalities intensify as a result of the events they are going through
Shows Prospero the worst and the best of behaviour
Gives Prospero perspective on what he has the potential to become Trinculo and Stephano meet Caliban. Opportunity for power presents itself to the low-station duo.
Comedic parallel to the pair of Antonio and Sebastian
Their control over Caliban is similar to Prospero's control over tempest. Francisco and Adrian are not included in Minor Characters (They're just not cool enough ;P) MINOR CHARACTERS First scene has Trinculo, Stephano and Caliban plotting to kill Prospero
Stephano takes control of situation
Relation to Antonio-Sebastian plot strengthens Stephano and Trinculo are tempted by the rich clothing used as bait. Shows their aspirations for positions of power MINOR CHARACTERS MINOR CHARACTERS Gonzalo is joyous to discover that Prospero is alive
Antonio and Sebastian are forgiven, despite having gone from bad to worse
Alonso appreciates what he did to Prospero
Trinculo and Stephano are comedic to the end. To the left is a picture of Trinculo, Caliban, and Stephano dancing around drunk. Third scene has the other group visited by Ariel as a harpy
Antonio and Sebastian are guilty
Alonso takes the harpy's message as a sign that he lost his son due to his betrayal of Prospero
Gonzalo represents the positive aspects MINOR to P Within Minor Characters, there are two groups.
Prospero knows the difference between them MINOR to P After seeing the outcomes of different choices, Prospero forgives everyone.
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