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No description

Reina Shibahara

on 23 August 2011

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Transcript of JAPANESE MANGA

JAPAN History scroll Princes Mononoke Howl's Moving Castle Spirited Away Ponyo 1997 Tales from Earthsea The Borroer Arrietty Poster Book Illustration Internet TV Drama Anime Movie 12C 18C 1920's~2011 1963~2011 Osamu Tezuka First Manga Atom(Astro Boy) 1963 Tezuka Osamu Atom(Astro Boy) 1963 SUSHI TEMPLEs KIMONO / GEISHA STATUEs MANGA MANGA? What is "Funny Pictures" "Comic" "Cartoon" 1990's~ Stage Drama TV Drama Nodame
(2009~2010) Ouran High School
Host Club (2011) Lady
Oscal The Rose of
(1998~) Boys Over Flowers
(2007~2009) Kimini Todoke
(2011) Pradise Kiss
(2011) Battle
(2010) etc. Best Five DVD 4,000,000 copies WORLDWIDE MOST POPULER MANGA UP TO NOW Vampire Knight Poke-Mon USA >comedy-like
>fantasy Italy FRANCe more classic Manga More manga
not noly for children CHINA Gundum Shin-chan Chibi Maruko-chan NARUTO DRAEMON Dragon Ball EVAN GELION HEIDI NARUTO Sailor Moon GOLGO13 Ranma1/2 Captain
Tsubasa Gundam Ace wo nerae MazingerZ LADY OSCAL Atack No.1 America China Italy French Trend in some different countries AKIRA
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