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Cell Organelle City Comparison

No description

Triton Martin

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Cell Organelle City Comparison

Cell Organelle Comparison To
A Fire Department In this project I'll be comparing the organelles withing a cell to a fire department in a city! The nucleus which is the control center of the cell
control's all of the cells activities, Just like the fire
chief at a fire station. Both control other things,
the fire chief controls the firemen and other employee's and the nucleus controls the other organelles with in the cell. The Mitochondria or powerhouse of the cell provides the cell and its organelles with food and water that they need to function correctly . The mitochondria is similar to a mess hall and it's workers at a fire station. Both provide other things with food and water that are needed to function properly! The Golgi-Apparatus receives and distributes proteins to other parts of the cell. This is similar to the emergency operator at a fire station. The operator receives emergency information and distributes the information (address, how bad situation is, etc) to the fire men and other employee's just like the Golgi-Apparatus! The cell membrane controls what enters and exits the cell
kind of like a security guard! This is similar to the security/security cameras and alarms at a fire station. If something enters or exits the station that's not supposed to other people are alerted which causes the violators to be scared off/arrested or their scared off just because of the sudden noise/alert . So both control what pass in and out of an area. By: Triton Martin
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