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Creating Social Change on Campus and In Your Community

Leader's Retreat Fall 2010

Natasha Chapman

on 27 August 2010

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Transcript of Creating Social Change on Campus and In Your Community

Creating Social Change On Campus
In Your Community What does Social Change mean to you? Think of a Change Agent

What words would you use to describe this person?

What characteristics enabled them to make a difference?

Which of their traits do you admire? Socially Responsible Leaders
is a process

is relational

involves everyone

works at the individual, group, societal levels

is service oriented

is thoughtful, intentional, action-oriented behavior

is about creating postive change

reflect on your mission what is your purpose?
who do you intend to serve?
what is your contribution to TCU?
what do you value?
Consider your:
Individual, daily behavior
Which 2 areas reflect socially responsible leadership best?

Which 2 areas reflect it the least? start where you are

use what you have

do what you can

-Arthur ashe Responsible to one another

Empowering others

Inclusive, sensitive, respectful behavior

Understanding your community

Service and action-oriented

Self-awareness and reflection

Ethical decision-making


Making the world a better place
Social Change Leadership
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