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Native American Music

No description

dominique jordan

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Native American Music

History Of Native American Music

Native Americans lost many of their ancient music due to being removed and relocated from their traditional homelands
The government placed a ban on traditional cultural practices such as drum circle dances.
This led to Native Americans being very defensive about their music.
Now their music is very sacred and practice only for tribal members
3:50 to5:40
How is music used in their culture?
Music is used for ceremonial purposes , recreation , expression, and healing.
Different instruments are used such as: drums,flutes, and other percussion
The most important element is their voice.
Instruments and how they are performed
Vocals are the backbone
Unusual, irregular rhythms and off-key style of singing is used.
they use vocables, which are words considered only as a sequence of sounds or letters without meaning.
The men typically dance around in a circle, while the women usually dance in place.
12:20 to 15:00
Melody, Texture, and Other aspects that make this music different
Music is very important to Native Americans
Native American Tribes all use the same instruments: drums, flutes, rattles, and whistles
singing is popular and always tells a story
There are powwows(see video) which are dances that unite people across the globe.
There is a northern and southern style of powwows
Northern is high pitched singing and a fast beat. Southern is slower beat and has a lower pitch
We would recommend this music because it teaches everyone the history of music and its nice in our present day to use some of theses traditional instruments. Also, its good to keep the Native American tradition going.
We enjoyed listening to this style of traditional music. We also loved learning about this great topic that relates to our music today.
Final Thoughts
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