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Science ABC weather book

No description

Alexxis Foreman

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Science ABC weather book

Made By: Alexxis ABC Weather Book A- Air Pollution B- Breeze C- Climate D- Dew * I saw dew out on the grass this morning. * The Air Pollution in the town was making people sick. * It is very breezy out today. * What climate is it today? E- Earthquake * Yesterday I was walking to school and there was an earthquake. F-Flash Flood *That was a big flash flood that we had today. G-Glacier *The titanic ran into an glacier and killed people. H- Hard Freeze * There was a lot of hard freeze on the roads this morning. I- Indian Summer * It feels like it is indian summer out here. J- Jet Stream * I saw a jet stream yesterday. K- Kelvin * That temperature scale says that it is kelvin or cold out. L- Latitude * Where is the latitude on the globe? M-Mist * Yesterday there was mist outside. N-National Weather Service * I know people that listen to the National Weather Service. O-Overcast * The clouds made it an overcast day. P-Precipitation That was a fast precipitation. Q-Quake * I saw an earth quake yesterday. R-Radar * My mom checked the radar on the news. S-Sandstorm * That was a huge sandstorm last night. T-Thermometer * I told her to check the thermometer. U-Unstable Air * That was nice unstable air. V-Visibility * Visibility is not east when it is foggy out. W-WaterVapor * There is a little bit of watervapor in the air. X-X-ray Lighting * I saw x-ray lighting last night. Y- Young Ice * Outside there was ice but it was young ice. Z- Zero * It is bellow zero today. WHERE I GOT MY INFO FROM!!!!!! * Google images
* Weather Wiz Kids
* Other Weather Sites *The titanic ran into an glacier and killed people.
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