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No Life After Death

No description

laura dowdy

on 6 February 2017

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Transcript of No Life After Death

I think that there is not life after death because who would want to come out of the ground after being dead for so long and look like a zombie then you would have dirt all over you plus you would have dirt and grass stains on you.
I don’t think that there is life after death because you could have someone else’s personality. It is called Reincarnation.
No Life
The topic that I am doing is “Is there life after death.” Some people think that you die and go to heaven and some don’t they just think that you have another life but they don’t actually have a reason for it.
No Life After Death
By: Madolynn

Astral Body
When someone dies, the soul leaves the body that it was in but it doesn’t die. It turns into a ghost and then the ghost is in another dimension. It lives on and then when another baby is born, it gives the personality of the person that died to the baby.
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