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The Technological Classroom and Generation X,Y

Examining the philosophies of those in instruction and a special video presentations regarding X & Y Generations

JB Rad

on 20 February 2016

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Transcript of The Technological Classroom and Generation X,Y

The Technological Classroom and Generation X,Y
Carl (CJ) is all about learning the latest and greatest technology. He is a Generation Y, Millennial Instructor, The steps that CJ takes toward distance education encourages collaboration and he effectively draws students in.
Carl Sorenson, Assoc Professor, SW
Traditional Conservative. Steps to Distance Education. Sam adheres to the more traditional mode of eduction. While not opposed to new technology, Sam is a Digital Refuge. He can take it or leave
Sam Sturman, Advisor
Scott is a lecturer for the Business Department.. He has a youthful take on technology and a thirst for knowledge. His Steps to Distance Education are laced with technology and its many digital usages
Scott Allred, Lecturer
Nancy presents a mix between a conservative and progressive stance, toward teaching distance education. Her methods are both traditional, as well as non-traditional, but her scope of knowledge is vast. Students flock to her for training, acceptance, and encouragement.
Nancy Chartier, MSN, RN
The future ... picking bones!
Generation Y, X, Baby Boomers, Traditionalist
How people understand their environment might have a lot to do with when they were born
Employers discuss the generations and seek to understand the generations
Name Philosophy Generational Digital
Sturman Conservative Traditionalist Digital Refugee
Name Philosophy Generational Digital
Sorensen Humanistic Generation Y/Millennial Digital Native
Name Philosophy Generational Digital
Allred Analytic Baby Boomer Digital Native
Name Philosophy Generational Digital
Chartier Progressive/Behaviorist Traditional Digital Refugee
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