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No description

nick stockton

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of THE BEATLES!

Double click anywhere & add an idea WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE THE BEATLE! they have s many songs and there a really great band to pick becouse they allways come up with awsome music. the beatles are from the port city of liverpool, of the northwest coast of england, they were all born in liverpool. souces:araorkut.com
musicouch.com/genras/pop/where thebeatlesnow/
the beatlesgift.net

John, Paul, and George met in there late teens in the late 1950's, and performed for the next 10 or so years. they also saw each other for the next 10 years and naerly every day. John Lennon-guitar,bass,harmonica and keyboards
George Harrison- guitar,bass,and sitar
Paul McCartney-basss, guitar ,drums,and keyboards.
Ringo Starr-drums, percussion. The time started when WW2 was going on. This ment that when when the band broke through the baby boom genaration were teen nagers so they had a hudge fanbase -ister that half he population was below 20 their first nation wide broadcast was during the 1963 winter- one of the worst 20th entuy -wicth meant record tv adieace the beatles as a whole won a 11 gramies , the tresy award, were induducted in the hall of fame and won the presedents award. many of the beatles songs were electd in the recordings hall of fame. 283 the beatles recorded and released 214 diferent songs on original releasd albulms,EP's and singles bout 20 wich were not written by the beatles. Some of these songswere recorded mre than once,but a little differently and re-released. In March 1957, after getting his fierst guitar, John formed a group which, for the first week, involved only himself and Pete Shotton.They called themseves the Black Jacks for less than a week, before changing thier name to the Quarry Men, as they both attended the Quarry Bank High School for Boys, and Quarry Men sounded more skiffly. Paul McCarthney joined in 1957, and George Harrison joined in 1958, and they remained The Quarry men until the very end of 1959, when they briefly appeared as Johnny and the Moondogs, which sounded more skiffle-like. John, however, hated it, and in 1960 they changed their name five times before settling on The Beatles. The Quarry Men, as a name for a group, had become "too skiffly and restricting" accoreding to John Lennon the main writters were Paul McCartney and John Lennon. they calabrated on mainy of the songs. the main writters were Paull McCartney and John Lennon. They calbrated on many of the songs. Paull McCartney
after the band broke up in 1970,Paul lived a very succesful carrer.paul McCartey and the wingswas succecville at writting the hits that topped the charts, including" band on the run wich won two gramies awards.
John Lennon had a fairly decent solo carrer. it deffently made some money. he was the first beatle to resind from the band. john was doing alright after the break up until mike amberm broke into his house and stabbed him and then he went to death nerly killing him, after that john wasnt seen in public much.John died on 1980 december 8th he was shot by marchanmen on the streets at new york.
Ringo Star he also had a solo career. i dont believe that he had much sucess as Paul and John but he had a few good songs. Ringo is stil a active mucician that plays concerts with his son. forty three yaer old son, Zac Starky.
Goerge Harrison married paddy byod a unsecful model wich later davorsed him to marry his best friend eric clapton him to marry his best friend eric clapton. Goerge died of lung cancer on november 29 2001. he was cremaded and his ashes was scatterd in the gangas river in india because of his hindo religion.he left 15 million dollars in his will.
some of the top songs of the beatles were hey jud, let it be, a day in the life, straberry feilds forever, and illanor rigbe. a big part of the beatles have broke up because of the tramenduse egos. You should choose the beatles because, they have such a large fan base andand so many awards they have won they have even in the recording hall of fame and the hall of fame!
Plus they have record 242 songs and have ben toger for over 10 years! But the fans still love them. begening music fame ending after the band
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