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AzMERIT: Scoring

How the AzMERIT will be scored

Lisa Fantasia

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of AzMERIT: Scoring

AzMERIT: Scoring
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AIMS had four score levels: Falls Far Below, Approaches, Meets, and Exceeds. Meets and Exceeds were passing scores.
The AIMS test was based on the old Arizona State Standards. Students who passed the AIMS test showed that they met a minimum expectation for that grade. A passing score on AIMS did not mean a student was on track for college or career upon graduation.

What are the Scoring levels?
That's The Score
WHat does passing even mean?
Raised expectations mean that there may be a
in the number of students passing AzMERIT. A lower score on AzMERIT does not necessarily mean that a student is performing below average in school. It also does not mean that teachers are doing a poor job of teaching. It is more likely the result of higher expectations for a passing score.

As we saw with AIMS, we
that the scores on AzMERIT will increase over time.
How will these changes impact test scores?
States measure achievement differently, so direct comparisons of test scores are not appropriate. AzMERIT does provide links to other tests to support comparisons of student achievement levels. Achievement levels on AzMERIT will be comparable with Utah, Florida, and states in the Smarter Balanced Consortium.
Can these scores be compared to other states?
The number of score levels for AzMERIT and what they will be called is still under discussion. We
AzMERIT will have at least two passing score levels.
is based on Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards. Students who pass AzMERIT will show that they meet a higher expectation for that grade. A passing score on AzMERIT will mean a student is on track for college or career upon graduation.
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