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Tsunami: Long and Short term response

No description

Nicolas Ahues

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Tsunami: Long and Short term response

Short and long term responses for a Tsunami Emergency response An emergency response will simply be, trying to help other people that are trapped in the ruble, and search for any survivors on the beach. Short term response A short term response will be giving people some of the basic treatments they need. Like clothes, blankets, basic medical care, food and water, transportation (to start with, bikes, after a while cars), building some basic homes, and searching deeply for survivors. Long term response Where the tsunami happen? It was on the Eurasian plate, it mostly attacked Sumatra and Thailand. What happen? At the Eurasian plate a tsunami was created, it did massive amount of chaos, 310,000 people killed, and more than 650,000 homeless. Short term effect The short effect of the tsunami was that there was no homes, no food, no cloths. Many people lost there jobs when the tsunami attacked, many people injured. The tsunami also destroyed many people happiness. Long term effect Long term effect would be, losing tourism for a long time, overcoming the fear that the tsunami caused. Many people that lived there might not even come back, because there way afraid of going, back there. Long term response would be: reconstructing the hotel's and getting people to come back to that place. Also people going to psychologist to be helped mentally for their loss, or to taking away the fear of having another tsunami. THE END
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