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How to Read Football Coverages

No description

Alex Ramirez

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of How to Read Football Coverages

Reading Football Coverages Step 1: Recognizing the Defensive Coverage Step 2: Make Your Pre-Snap Reads Step 3: Progressing
Through Post-Snap Reads Man-On-Man Coverage Zone Coverage Whether if it’s to impress your friends or take your game to another level, reading defensive coverages is actually easier than you might think.
By Alex Ramirez Man-On-Man Coverage means every player on the defense is responsible for defending one, and only one, of the offensive players. There are three main types of zone coverage: Cover 1
Cover 2
Cover 3 Cover 1 Cover 1 features a near man-on-man scheme, except a safety covers the middle of the field. Cover 2 Two safeties cover the deep side of the field: one on the left and one on the right. Cover 3 A safety and two cornerbacks cover the deep part of the field. Look for Press Coverage Defensive backs stand close to the receiver at the line of scrimmage. This usually indicates the cornerback is going to "jam" or shove the receiver. Look for Safeties Shifting Positions Look at Where the Linebackers are Positioned You can see the outside linebackers for Georgia have lined up opposite the tight-ends for Georgia Tech. This indicates a man-on-man coverage. Tip: Linebackers often lined up against a slot reciever usually indicates a mismatch. Get the ball to this reciever quick! Look at the Safeties First! "For me, the safeties tell me everything from the time I snap the ball."
-Tom Brady Quickly Read the Linebackers Congratulations! You've just completed the process of reading a defensive coverage! Continue practicing the steps, and you'll be the next Kurt Warner before you know it. You can read coverages simply by seeing where the safeties are not. In this picture, the safeties are playing so far back it's safe to awesome Illinois is running a Cover 2.
Make the Throw Touchdown! Quickly...
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