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Bipolar Disorder

No description

Bradley Brown

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder
Robert Downey Jr.
Bipolar Disorder
Bradley Brown

Common Causes
Downey's Causes
Mood disorders are evident in his genes as his older sister Allyson Downey was diagnosed with depression
Furthermore, coupled with this genetic disposition his father exposed him to marijuana at the age of six leading to future cocaine and heroine abuse which only worsened his disorder
Downey's mother also stated to people magazine in 2000 that "the reason he has a hard time staying sober. What hasn't been tried is medication and intensive psychotherapy."
His disorder may also be attributed to his childhood in which he began acting at a very young age, potentially causing stresses that a child normally cannot bear with
Downey also neglects to reflect on his past as it seems to make him noticeably uncomfortable
Therapy and treatments
Psychotherapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy would be best fit for the treatment of Downey's disorder
Including a mix of medication, Downer would be able to uncover the reason behind his condition be it mental or physical , work or relationship stress, or anything else
It will help him improve his thoughts and feelings towards his overall life and specific aspects of it
SSRI's such as Prozac and Luvox as well as other antidepressants are proven to improve the depressive state of this disorder
Antipsychotic drugs may also be used to prevent manic symptoms
The most commonly used drug for this disorder is lithium which negates symptoms of mania while relieving feelings of depression
Antidepressants would not best for Downey because they potentially result in relieving a depressive symptoms but augment those of the manic state, the opposite applies to antipsychotic medication
Works Cited
Robert's stepmother told People magazine that Robert had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In the same article, psychiatrist Dr. Manijeh Nikakhtar said that she asked Downey if he thought he was bipolar, and he said that he did. (Note: Downey has since denied making this statement.)
Those with bipolar disorder often experience problems with substance abuse, especially in Downey's case who started using marijuana at the age of six
Depressive low energy moods
Suicidal thoughts and self destructive behavior
While in the manic state one may have racing thoughts, be irritable, excessive speech, and even spend money recklessly
Once formerly known as manic depressive disorder, it stems from both genetic and environmental factors
Researchers have suggested that it is inherited through the neurotransmitter system stating that there may be an imbalance in dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine
Others have suggested that it is caused by stress triggers on one's life. Once triggered, the the symptoms begin to develop as a result of biological and/or psychological processes
Believed to be the result of multiple factors such as genetic, environmental, and biological (neurochemical)
Bipolar disorder is primarily a biological disorder that occurs in a specific area of the brain and is due to the dysfunction of certain neurotransmitters
This disorder evidently is also inherited as half the people with bipolar disorder have a family member with some form of mood disorder
Genetically speaking, if one has the disposition for this disorder it will become especially prevalent or worsen in the event of a stressful life event or even substance abuse
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