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avid presentation

deyonna darden

on 1 March 2012

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Transcript of Aaliyah

Aaliyah born january 16, 1979 actress model born in brooklyn, new york she played in Queen Of The Damned and Romeo Must Die age aint nothing but a number
one in a million
Aaliyah 8. 1 million albums sold in U.S. evaluate what type of message your music says? analyze what type of sound your music gives off? she died on august 25, 2001
she was killled in a plane crash in bahamas after she film the video rock the boat she had a brother name rashad albums death questions at the age of 14 she recorded her first album singer she was born aaliyah dana haughton she appeared on star search age 12 she was signed with jive
and blackground records R.Kelly helped produce her first album age aint nothing but a number she contributed four songs to the soundtrack please depict the physical and mental inspirations that goes into your music? singles of one in a million if your girl only knew "hot like fire" "4 page letter" evaluate why you wanted to be an entertainer? personal information she also worked with missy elliot and timbaland everybody on board was killed why important? she helped define r&b and hip hop
her music was influential she created her own style image her songs were about the heart analyze what advice you would give other singers that are just getting started try again back in one piece
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