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No description

Arturo Gonzalez

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Competency

Language Teaching By Arturo González Competency
Learning Activities
Key Features
Role of teacher
Role of learner
Conclusion COMPETENCY-BASED LANGUAGE TEACHING “A medium of interaction and communication between people”

“Specific goals and purposes” COMPETENCY-BASED
LANGUAGE TEACHING The state or quality of being capable

An ability or skill possessed by an individual. COMPETENCY Competency Based Instruction

1970s USA

Basis for vocational education
and industrial training
programs. BACKGROUND PRINCIPLES Functional and interactional perspective

Predictable vocabulary and structures

Language has parts and
subparts which can be taught
and tested separately.

Communicative competence APPROACHES Syllabus consists of
functional topics which
have subparts.

Not norm referenced-
assessment but

Assessment is done
through student demonstration. SYLLABUS Systematically designed activities

Real-world task – activity linked to the field of work and to social survival

Work Schedules
Job application
Job interview LEARNING ACTIVITIES Successful functioning in society

Life skills

Task- or performance centered orientation

Modularized instruction

Outcomes made explicit a priori KEY FEATURES ROLE OF TEACHER Corrects the students immediately

Gives positive feedback

Aware of the learner needs

Adjusts the activities and the syllabus according to learner needs. Judge the relevancy and usefulness of the activities

Should demonstrate the learnt behavior ROLE OF STUDENT Systematic Focuses on the Outcomes and Outputs Spell out
exactly what
it is that trainess
should learn. Help sts
learn one thing
well before going
on to the next. Sample texts related to the
competency. MATERIALS Initial assessment (placement)

Completion of sub-part with the
assessment and moving on to the
next unit. PROCEDURE It is very difficult to develop lists of competencies for every specific
situation. CONCLUSION These improvements can be seen
on all educational levels, “from
primary school to university, and
from academic studies to
workplace training” One More thing!
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