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Presentation for English course


on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Apoptosis

Apoptosis References 1. http://static.naukas.com/media/2010/07/celulas.jpg
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Mechanism of apoptosis History of apoptosis research 1850 1900 Developmental cell death observed in toads First morphological description of what we now call apoptosis Developmental cell death observed in neurons Cell death observed in vertebrate development 1950 DNA ladder formation observed in apoptosis BCL-2 found to inhibit apoptosis Inhibition of BCL-2 shown to induce tumour cell death p53 induces apoptosis

Cloning and sequencing of CD95 2000 Indentification of BAX Involvement of CD95 in drug- induced tumour cell apoptosis is demonstrated T-killer cell mitochondrion nucleus CD95 fasL procaspase 8 caspase 8 procaspase 3 Bid Bcl-2,
BcL-XL Bak Bax cytochrome c Mitochondrial apoptosis-induced channel Apaf-1 apoptosome procaspase 9 caspase 9 procaspase 3 caspase 3 IAPs (survivin, etc) DIABLO DNA damage oncogenes p53 DNA fragmentation
cell shrinkage
membrane blebbing * apoptosis * by Edvinas Paliulis & Irmantas Mogila The term 'apoptosis' describes the molecular and morphological processes leading to controlled cellular self-destruction Apoptosis in action * * Apoptosis is as needed for proper development as mitosis is Apoptosis is needed to destroy cells that represent a threat to the integrity of the organism Thank you for your attention
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