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The Body of Christopher Creed

Character Analysis

Marie Wickman

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of The Body of Christopher Creed

The Body of Christopher Creed
Carol Plum-Ucci Characters Victor "Torey" Adams A senior at the fictional Rothborne a boarding school The narrator of the novel Torey is conflicted throughout the book between his friends and those who want to help find Chris. Torey is described as “just your basic guy” Bo Richardson A tough rebel from the boondocks Has "a good guy streak that [is] just as wide, probably wider, than his bad guy streak.” Christopher "Chris" Creed The “weird guy” from Steepleton turns up missing Sylvia Creed Mr. Creed Chris Creed's mother Accuses Bo of murdering her son Father of Chris Creed Husband of Mrs. Creed Alex Arrington Torey's best friend Plays football In a band with Torey Leandra Torey's girlfriend. Cute, cheerleader. She goes to the “Pentecostal church every Sunday,” but by “Monday [she is] calling people ‘dirtbag’. Leo A senior who goes to school with Torey and doesn’t care about privacy or personal space He is “just a little sideways” Carthright A senior and prankster who is Torey Adams’ roommate. He only knows “bits and pieces” of Torey’s story about Chris Mrs. Adams A lawyer-mom who takes the Christopher Creed case into her own hands when her son Torey is involved Plot Summary Framed Story A framed story is when the first and last chapter are in the present and the chapters in the middle are in the past. Chapters 1 and 23 are in the present when Torey is attending Rothborne boarding school as a senior. He is living in a dormatory. Chapters 2-22 are in the past when Torey is attending a high school in Steepleton and living at home. Present Torey moves to a new town to Rothborne boarding school and begins his senior year. As he starts thinking about how his year will be, he remembers how strange his junior year was, in particular, his former classmate Christopher Creed, who disappeared without a trace, except an email to the principal.

The only clue! Past Torey, with friends, reads the email from Chris. It hints at both suicide and running away. The email also mentions Torey and one of his friends, among other classmates, as guys who have "everything" This makes Torey more concerned about Creed's disappearance and what has become of him.

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