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Irish Folk Music

No description

J. Seo

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Irish Folk Music

IRISH Music Instruments? Structure/Traits Styles relatively simple harmonies
3 categories
Suantraige Fiddle Tin Whistles Irish Flute Cláirsech Uilleann pipe Bodhrán Irish Bouzouki Accordion A-4 Style Mandolion part "A" & "B"
8 bars of music
4, 2 bar phrases
question & answer form
structure: "AABB", "AABBCC" major & minor
older system of modes:
Aeolian tunes on "gapped scales"
6 notes within octave
sounds old and archaic
inclues "half-sharp"notes
"quarter tones" halfway between natural and sharp notes
occurs on 3rd, 6th scale degree Meter •Jigs = 6/8 Time
•Reels = 4/4 Time
•Hornpipes = 4/4 Time
•Polkas = 2/4 Time
•Slip Jigs = 9/8 Time
•Slides = 12/8 Time
•Waltz = 3/4 Time
•Mazurkas = 4/4 Time
•Highlands = 4/4 Time Tempo •Double Jigs = 126
•Slow Jigs = 80
•Reels = 112/120
•Hornpipes = 92
•Slow Hornpipes = 54-84
•Polkas = 132/138
•Slides = 132/138
•Slip Jigs = 144
•Mazurkas = 63
•Highlands = 88 Who? high & low class
aristocracy patronized musicians
intinerant dancing masters
mercenary soldiers What? tells story
history When/Where/Why? daily lives
church Passed on.. orally
agricultural environment
teach tin whistle Ornamentation The Cut The Tap The Casadh The Short Roll Banjo http://www.mne.psu.edu/lamancusa/tunes.html Ireland
8th century
Topographia Hibernica (1188)
able to survive through media AOI:
Environments History
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