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A visual exploration of my ideas and suitability for the role of MUMUS Academic Vice President 2015 - vote at mumus.org

Vanessa Wong

on 21 September 2014

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Transcript of Resolutions

Which assessor is going to mark my MCR?
What font size does the assignment need to be in?
Will the next seminar be worthwhile?
Why am I studying medicine?
Where can I find the information I seek?
Sometimes it's easy to miss the big picture
Everything else
In my 2 years as a MUMUS year level academic representative, I initiated the following solutions for my year level
FAQs for assessments
Google calendar reminders
$70 First Aid courses
Anonymous feedback by web or SMS
Weekly Bulletin emails
There's still a lot more that I believe I can offer
I'm always listening to your concerns
I post in the Bulletin a week before every faculty meeting to ensure what I'm saying reflects student opinion
I run regular anonymous polls - if you haven't been in my year level, try one now: http://pollev.com/vwong
and see what others are saying: http://tiny.cc/mededuresponses
I know I still miss things sometimes, so in 2015, I plan to run mini focus groups with my year level reps with representation from every demographic
I'm always looking for ways to make things easier and simpler
Especially if I've done it the hard way
so the year level reps can focus on their own new initiatives
Google calendar assessment reminders
Doodle automatic study group allocation
Automatic cross-tabulation of placement swaps
I'm always looking to share academic opportunities
or of entering article-writing competitions
I always wondered how people got their medical part-time job or became a delegate at a medical conference
and I used to be a little intimidated by journal articles
What if as a preclin, I could have accessed
Academic opportunity feed for jobs and conferences
medical writing workshop
I'm always looking to make learning easier
Revision lectures
Skills workshops
OSCE nights
Practice questions
Sample cases
Weekly case challenge
I'm always looking to improve collaboration between year levels
You probably know your study group mentor really well and have a few friends in other year levels
There is a whole community of med students there to answer your anatomy question, and an experienced faculty member to step in if no-one knew...
http://on.fb.me/1p5yTxE, (unlike everything else, this is not my work)
Why not expand these fora to other year levels?
I'm always looking to improve transparency
You deserve to know what we know as soon as possible
Regardless of whether or not you use Facebook
Clearer reports after meetings
All information to be posted on our website and across a range of social media channels
Why do I think I could fit this role?
2013 - MUMUS representative to Monash MBBS Theme II Committee
2012 – MUMUS representative to Monash MBBS Year 1&2 Management Committee
2011 – Year 1 representative to Monash MBBS Student Support Subcommittee

My faculty committee experience
My student committee experience
2013 – MUMUS Year 3B Academic Representative, MUMUS Clinical Site Liaison subcommittee chair, MUMUS co-Clinical Site Liaison for Eastern Health Clinical School, voting member and minute-taker to MUMUS Academic Committee, voting member of MUMUS Full Committee
2012 – MUMUS Year 2 Academic Representative, MUMUS proxy to Monash Clubs & Society committee, voting member of MUMUS Academic Committee and MUMUS Full Committee
2011 – voting member of MUMUS AMSA Thinktank

I've written part of: Keeping Your Grass Greener (2014), Year 3B Guide (2013), Ignite GHMP Global Health systems module (2012)
I've edited: Year 3B Guide (2013), The M Guide (2012)
Countless internal documents for other committee members
In 2013, my year level voted me as the person who had contributed most to their first two years in medical school
But most importantly,

I care about you

I am resolved to keep you and your learning in the big picture
Want to discuss more?
Response guaranteed within 48 hours (as I always have while in a position of responsibility)
Solutions, re-adapted for our current conditions
Resolve to carry them through with commitment
See the big picture with the right resolution
Ready to make a decision on who to support?
(anonymous web or SMS)
(this site)
No promises here, but these are some of the issues I'd like to discuss if I get elected
Clearer curricula with higher consistency across different sites and clinical schools
Objective and clear assessment grading
Colour-coded student resource compilation http://tiny.cc/mm15resources
If you are reading this, you're probably the sort of person who aims for excellence, who leaves no stone unturned and who wants and deserves an advantage over those that just do what seems expected.

Well just for you, I've got two additional stretch initiatives based on the elephant in this room: grades

Intern z score estimator to be based on anonymous 2013-2014 student marks and new submissions

Subscriptions to popular medical resources as voted by you, if licencing permits
This is really just a tusk.
I think you're starting to overthink things XD
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