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Patriots vs Loyalists

No description

Riley Shapiro

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Patriots vs Loyalists

The American Revolution Patriots vs Loyalists Support
Independence War of
Independence Support Patriots
"Lawless mobs"

Important influential figures:
Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams and Thomas Jefferson

Declared Independence in July 1776 Opposition British Redcoats (British army)
"Better sort of people"
Believed Britain was superior (military)

Most of the British upper class
Dutch, German, French
Native Americans
African Americans Patriots
Loyalists Patriots Rebels
Fought the Loyalists and the British Redcoats (the British Army)
Presbyterianism Congregationalism
Samuel Adams: "Give me liberty or give me death!' Loyalists Loyal to the king (including: beneficiaries to the crown, officers of the king)
Influenced by the Anglican Church
1/3 of the colonial population
"A Tory is a thing whose head is in England, and its body in America, and its neck ought to be stretched." King George III
of England William Franklin George Washington Benjamin Franklin The Result of Loyalism Punishment before:
Tarring and feathering
Punishment after:
Imprisoned, hung and forced to flee
Many African Americans abandoned and sold back into slavery after expecting freedom
British Loyalists suffered
Many lost legal rights, lost their property and faced arrest and exile
Some British Loyalists fled Samuel Adams Thomas Jefferson Founding Fathers George Washington
John Adams
Samuel Adams
Benjamin Franklin
Alexander Hamilton
Patrick Henry
Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
John Marshall
George Mason Citation Kennedy, David M., and Lizabeth Cohen. "Patriots and Loyalists." The American Pageant. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 2013. 139-43. Print.

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