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Fra Angelico

No description

Kellen Williamson

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Fra Angelico

Fra Angelico By Catherine Williamson Basic Facts Early Life Fra Angelico is known for many famous paintings that he created. One of them is The Annunciation. This painting shows the Garden of Eve with Adam and Eve along with The Angel.
Some of his other famous paintings are The Crucifixion, The Last Judgement, The Madonna and Saints, and The Transfiguration of Christ. One of my favorite paintings of his The Annunciation because of it's linear perspective that makes you feel like you are there and the vivid colors. Famous Paintings Interesting Facts Born in the 1400's
He was born in Italy in a town named Vicchio.
He died in Rome on Feburary 18, 1455 at about the age of 55.
He was a famous Italian painter that had spiritual paintings with religious subjects.
He was thought to be influenced by artists like Giovanni Dominici, an artist who promoted spiritualism and was against humanism.
Angelico lived in various places including Florence, Cortena, Vicchio, and in Rome. Angelico's early life is not well known. It is known that he was originally a lay painter. He then became a Dominican friar. Fra Angelico has been said to be trained by one of the greatest artists of Gothic art, Lorenzo Monaco. Though it is been speculated that he was trained by Gherardo or Starnina. Others also say that he is influenced by the Siennese School through some of his artwork. After his training, Angelico was then asked to paint various paintings on church walls. Fra Angelico means Angelic Brother.
Fra Angelico wasn't his first name. His given birth name was Guido di Pietro.
He had a brother who was also a painter that was said to help him in some of his paintings.
He painted 30 pieces of artwork.
He was from wealthy parents and was payed by wealthy patrons for his paintings. Artwork Location Since most of Angelico's artwork was painted on church walls, not many museums have artwork of Fra Angelico. In 2005, The Metropolitan Museum Of Art had an exhibit of Angelico. The exhibit had 75 pieces of his work and ended in 2006. Also the convent of San Marco in Florence was turned into a museum for art. In the San Marco museum holds some of Angelico's famous paintings like The Crucifixion. Techniques Fra Angelico was known for many skills and techniques. Mainly he was known for in depth perspective and vivid color. He was also known for clarity of form and fresco. Many of these techniques were new to the Renaissance. These new techniques impacted Renaissance art greatly. Bibliography World Book, 2006, Volume 1, "Angelico, Fra", page 460
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The Crucifixion from http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/images/h2/h2_43.98.5.jpg The Last Judgement Presentation in The Temple Noil Me Tangere The Adoration of the Christ Child The Crucifixion Roman Period Fra Angelico was called to Rome in 1446 by the Pope Eugene IV. Angelico then continued to paint many paintings inside of churches in Rome. He painted pieces of art at a chapel in St. Peter's and in the chapel of the Sacrament in the Vatican and others, that were destroyed. He also partially worked on pieces in the chapel of San Brizio in the cathedral of Orvieto. These paintings were later continued by Luca Signorelli. Fra Angelico returned to Florence in 1450 and finally returned to Rome where Angelico later died in 1455.
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