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Skyline Registration Instructions

Hello! In addition to this presentation, we have the course description document available at http://skylinecounseling.weebly.com/registration.html

Skyline Counseling

on 25 January 2017

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Transcript of Skyline Registration Instructions

Skyline Registration Instructions
Preparation You Need

Teacher signatures
are required for some classes and ALL MATH classes. If you have low grades in an elective class such as a foreign language, verify placement and options with your current teacher.

In addition to identifying which classes you want, students MUST select "
alternate courses
" in the box in the top right-hand corner on the inside of the card. Alternates are classes you would like in case your first-choice classes are not available or conflict with other requests. If you do not select alternates and your schedule does not work, your Counselor will select classes for you!

Cheerleading, team classes, or advanced performance classes may require
tryouts or auditions
. If so, you must list that class in the "alternate courses" box under "tryouts."
Additional Information
Tips and Other Info
Sixteen boxes
(16) must be selected. If a class has two boxes, it is a full year class and both boxes must be selected. Remember - select 16 boxes, not 16 classes.

Some classes require
or requirements that must be met prior to enrollment. One example is Honors Chemistry; Secondary Math 2 must be taken prior to enrolling.

: Directed Studies is a homework/study period. Study skills is for students who have failed core classes and need to make up at least .50 credit and requires counselor permission.
You will know your card is ready if...

16 boxes are filled

Math and other signatures complete

3 alternate courses chosen

GTI Form included, if applicable

Bring it to class on the specified day. If you forget, bring it to your Counseling Center ASAP.
Materials You Need
(Handed to student during class)

Use a
, not a pen when filling out your form

Consult your "
Progress Toward Graduation
" sheet given to you in your registration presentation, except for students in eighth grade.

Course Descriptions
available at

If you wish to take a GTI (Granite Technical Institute) class, you must fill out the
GTI Application Form
and have it signed by your parents. You will not be placed in the class without the form turned in. It is not necessary to designate which period you wish to take the class. More career track information for the GTI at

Requirements for students pursuing Regents Scholarship*** :

4 years of English
4 years of progressive Math
3.5 years of Social Studies
3 credits lab-based science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
2 credits same World Language in grades 9-12
ACT required for consideration
Also note GPA requirements for consideration
Switching levels NO LONGER disqualifies a student
Have good standing as a U.S. citizen
Complete the application, usually Fall of Senior year

***This is only a summary, additional rules apply and Regents requirements are subject to change.
reference, use only the
website and their representatives.

Core regents requirements listed on the registration card. For full details about these requirements see
OR call 801-321-7159
IB or International Baccalaureate Diploma Description:
Skyline is an accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma School. The IB program is an internationally recognized academic program that offers a superior preparation for college-bound students, as well as the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. On average, students who complete the program get through college faster, earn better college grades, get into better colleges, receive more college scholarships, and accrue more college credit while in high school than the average Advanced Placement (AP) student. Skyline IB students attending the University of Utah typically earn 1.5 years of college credit and 75% scholarships.

The IB program is rigorous, interdisciplinary, and international. Students may take individual courses if they do not intend to pursue the IB diploma. Students usually make the decision to take IB by or during 10th grade after speaking with their counselor and our IB directors.

Students pursuing IB or International Baccalaureate Diploma
will need to meet with Mr. Chris Krueger or Mrs. Linda Sossenheimer at Skyline (385-646-5420) before filling out the IB registration card. In the meantime, fill out a "regular" card and adjustments can be made later.
Students pursuing Regents Scholarship
The Regents' Scholarship can provide up to $6400 to be used toward higher education in Utah colleges.
Students pursuing the French DLI Immersion Program

Students pursuing IB or International Baccalaureate Diploma
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