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Web Development Legal Q&A

No description

Jonathan J. Klinger

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Web Development Legal Q&A

Web Development Agreements
[or why won't your clients just
pay up]
Jonathan J. Klinger, Adv.
http://2jk.org/praxis what exactly is an
Agreement? Final and Detailed Confirmation Email Confirmation Collecting Money Copyright Original Work Work made
for hire Consent on the license's extent Proprietary CMS Open Source Ten Commandments Free Distribution Source Code Derived Works Integrity of Author's
Source Code You cannot restrict your clients from changing their/your code No Discrimination
against Persons No Discrimination
against Field Distribution of
License Not product
Specific Most not restrict
other software Technology Neutral The Open Source
Tradeoff Only applies
for code distribution Design Obtaining Licenses for images Credits Stock Photos Allowing Others to
Touch your code Timeframe Milestones Exact dates Iterations & Mockups Damages Planning & Design Rough Planning Keeping tabs Subversion Evidencial Damage Documentation Finalizing Post Development Support Instruction SLA Hosting Yes No Copyright Infringement Seizing Assets Executing Warrants Conclusions cc-by-nd USEmbMalta cc- cc-by schlusselben2007 cc-by-nc Steve Wampler cc-by-sa xdfrog cc-by-sa-nc peregino will reign cc-by pasukaru76 cc-by-sa Shield Connectors cc-by Pink Sherbert Photography cc-by celebdu cc-by-sa-nc Quibmy cc-by-sa-nc-nd Djinn76 cc-by-sa-nc-nd MikeBlyth cc-by-sa-nc Tim Dorr cc-by-sa-nc Monkeyc.net (what we really want) (this is important) (what does copyright apply to) (do you grant it to others?)
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