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Urban Education

C&I 204 presentation on Urban Education by Kristen Sanders

Kristen Sanders

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Urban Education

What is Urban Education? Urban Education
by Kristen Sanders Issues Presenation
C&I 204 Why did I pick Urban Education? Freedom Writers. Rafe Esquith. Can I handle it? Urban. How did urban areas come about?


What has this led to?

Inner-cities. What is the history of Urban Education? Civil War --> Turn of the century

Urban Ed v. Private Academies, Denominational Schools, and Vocational Schools Turn of the Century

Dominating Education
Middle, Working Class
Native and Immigrants
Preschool to Secondary

Though immigrants were being taught, they struggled finding their place within public education Now, post-desegragation and civil rights, 75% of Af. Americans, and over 75% of Latinos attend schools that are made up of a majority of students of color.
(Blanchet, 2009, p. 390) What are the challenges that Urban Education presents? Faces? Urban Education is the "intersection of race, culture, language, and disability."

School experience affected

Students within the inner city are faced with "socioeconomic despair, pressure from gangs, a lack of faith in government, and society's concentration on materialism and individualism."

(Beachum, 2004, p. 2) Urban schools are often insufficiently funded. The Hip-Hop culture has affected many urban students but conflicts with culture of school. There is an achievement gap between Urban Education students and the rest of public education. Struggles to retain effective teachers
Two million new teachers needed
Pink slips being given out everyday "Why is there a high need for teachers in urban education?"

Teacher migration = high teacher turnover rate. Center X at UCLA Teacher retention efforts
daunting task
incentive programs
high turnover What kind of endorsements are available in Illinois? Previously "What kinds of endorsements do you need to get?" Urban Education Study Program at ISU Not a certification; helpful instruction and training On & off campus work

Both school and non-school educational settings 15 hours of coursework:
C&I 110
C&I 232
C&I 312
C&I 398
UNITE. UNITE is a "long term plan to change the way Urban Education is introduced and taught to students of ISU studying to become future teachers"
("Chicago", 2010, p. 2) Created because students in the education program were scared to go into schools of high need
("Chicago", 2010) Service Component
One school in Chicago
Full year
Day or weekend at a time Guest Speakers! University of Illinois at Chicago
Doctorate Program
Urban Education Leadership I learned a lot through this project, answered many questions, and have hope for the future of urban education.
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