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I will save you

No description

Kelsey Massie

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of I will save you

Matt DE LA Pena I Will Save You In this prezi I will show you two different people but is really one. I Will Save You is about a best friend and a kid trying to get away from him. when really they are the same people. One is the person everyone cares about and one is this person everyone is scared of. Statement of Purpose Kidd Ellison a boy from a group home in FallBrook runs a way to get a job with his mentor Mr.Red at a campsite. Who tells his life changing story in solitary confinement after shoving his best friend over a cliff because he tried to get together with the girl that Kidd falls in love that change everything in his life. summary of the novel Kidd Ellison Character Glossary Love Glossary for I Will Save You Quotes What do you think this book is about? Medication is part of this story. It relates to my lab in many ways. Like it can be the cause of some going to the Doctors. it helps people the way they should instead of going to a different place in there mind. Like how Kidd has two different personalities. Lab Connection Mr. Red Is Olivia's best friend. She helps to get Olivia out of her depressed stage while Kidd is in solitary confinement. She is part of this book because Olivia would have no one if it was not for her. Devon is Kidd's best friend they meet at Horizons. He plays as this bad kid who really hates rich people. He also try to tell Kidd that he is know good and that he should stay with him because they are good together. That Olivia is using him for a charity case. He is a big part of the story because that is how Kidd gets into solitary confinement (hospital) and how he try to make Kidd better but makes him more insecure then he already is. he is the bad part of Kidd. Devon Olivia is the love of Kidd's life. She is the reason for his over the top reaction to his best friend. In Olivia's role she plays this rich girl who stays the summer at this campsite that Kidd works at. Over the summer Kidd learns that she plays the piano and loves this red ski cap that she use to cover up her face. She is a big role in this story because she turns Kidd's life up side down just by being herself. Olivia BY: Kesley Massie Kidd Ellison is from FallBrook California. Who runs away from his group home horizons to work at a campsite as part of the clean up. Kidd is the main character who tells his story from a not so nice place; Solitary Confinement but is really the hospital. Kidd is a big part of this story because it is his story and how he gets to were he is. He is also the good part of himself. Mr. Red is Kidd's boss at the campsite. They meet at Horizons. he is kinda of a role model for Kidd. He helps Kidd learn and he is also the one who helped Kidd come up with his philosophy of life book. He is helpful to the book because if it weren't for Mr. Red Kidd would have never ran away. Jasmine * Definition- a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection. * part of speech- noun * word origin- before 900; (noun) Middle English; * synonym- affection
* Antonym- loathing * sentence-His love for her is to much. Life Definition- animation, spirit
Part of speech- noun
Word origin- before 900; Middle English
synonym- energy
Antonym- intimacy
Sentence- Kidd's life is hard. Depressed Definition- sad, gloomy
Part of speech- AdJ
Word origin-1375–1425; late Middle English
Synonym- bad, cast down
Antonym- happy, cheerful "I know what has just happened seems so horrible right now, but its not all bad. believe it or not, I'm actually thankful. It lead to me having a moment of clarity. when I woke up in this room. In these bandages, with this ridiculous fear. I realized what I have to do."( Pena, 107). The significant of this quote is that Kidd's mom realizes that his dad is no good for them at all. You still don't get it do?" he said. " All of These people here, man. They think they're better than us."(Pena, 124). This quote is significant because it is Devon trying to get in to Kidd's head by telling him that everyone thinks they are better then him when really they think of as a equal. Journal Links * the Author's homepage- http://www.mattdelapena.com/ * to help read better- http://www.indyschoolonwheels.org/tutor-tips/9-secrets-to-help-kids-read-better/ * a book review- http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/766178-i-will-save-you Recommendation I would recommend this novel because you might be able to relate to it in some ways like falling in love for the 1st time or having a friend trying to get in to your head and there are many others. I liked it because it is a book that makes you think and it does not turn out the way you think it would because it has that twist to it. You could really take the book many different ways by who is Kidd really or what he really thanks about. This book will keep you on your toes. So I think I would say it is a good book to read.
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