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Technology In Society

No description

Caesar Abaas

on 29 March 2017

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Transcript of Technology In Society

Technological Arguments
Technology has improved the lives of millions and save them from medical injuries that could not have had been saved before.
The Medical Field
Medical Diagnostics
Patient's Pain
Technology has now also decreased the amount of pain that the patient feels in a procedure. Many new chemicals found are being used before surgeries to decrease a patients pain throughout the procedure that the doctors are doing.
Technology In Society
Many new medical instruments have been created to help save millions of people's lives around the world. The instruments include MRI scans, x-ray, robotic checkups, and surgical tools.
People are now being able to be checked up faster and more efficiently.
Doctors can now find many new diseases inside of people because of technology
Exploring the Ocean
96.5% of the Earth is made of water and 95 % of the oceans make up is unexplored.
Technology has helped humans explore the deep sea through the use of submarines, robots, and cruisers.
Senior Citizen's Health
Nursing homes and medical technologies have been created to lengthen the life spam of a human.
Many people, on average and reaching their 80-90s before reaching death which is a huge improvement to what it was before
Survival Rates
Survival rates have increased tremendously because of new technoloies.
For men, the survival rates started at 65-74 which increased to 75-84 which then increased again to 85+ at 61%.
Counter Arguments
Many people believe that technology is slowing down the evolution of humanity
This statement is not true because humanity has expanded dramatically because of technology.
Technology has been the reason the people have expanded and learned so much more about the Earth. Technology has evolved with humans.
Some people also believe that people are depending on technology more than themselves.
This statement is false because humanity has evolved and created everything around them.
People create technology not the other way around.
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