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Vocabulary of sounds and lights

Senior 1 Writing & Oral

Luli Giambruni

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Vocabulary of sounds and lights

Vocabulary of
sounds and lights

Lucila Giambruni
The rustle of
the leaves
Stars twinkle
Lightning flashes
Chains rattle
Explosion bangs
I was lying on the floor watching the
stars twinkling in the dark sky.
The rustle of the leaves meant that
autumn was approaching.
As the lightning flashed, my dog
started barking
The sound of the chains rattling
was annoying.
I was so scared and unaware
of what was happening when
the explosion banged.
The sound of the staircase
creaking at night scares me.
My heart was pound very fast
as I watched that thrilling movie.
Heart punds
Staircase Creaks
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