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Come Cruz in Costa Rica


Elora Dearth

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Come Cruz in Costa Rica

Cost Costa Rica is close to Nicaragua & Panama
Bording the Caribbean Sea & the North Pacific Ocean Costa Rica's Destination & Location History General Overview Costa Rica Flight: 1527 & leaves 6:10A.M. from Indianapolis International Airport
Flight: 1512 arrives at Liberia around 11:32
Flight: 1511 leaves from Liberia at 6:50A.M.
Flight: 1131 arries at Indianapolis Indiana at 4:00 Car= $259.96
Hotel and Flight= $6,232.67
Attractions= $200.00
Food= $200.00
Souvenirs= $100.00
Total= $6992.63 The Sweet Spot of the South Come Cruz in Costa Rica!!! Located in Central America Found by Christopher Columbus
Human occupation dates back over 10,000 years
Caribs, Chibchas, Borucas, Diquis Car is Nissan Sentra Weather there is very sunny and moist. Pack for what the summer is like here and some wet clothes just in case it rains. Very rarely will you get dairy in a restaurant however you can buy some at the grocery store. Tourist Attractions Coco Islands
Fishing almost EVERYWHERE!!!
Palo Verde Nature Cruise
Scuba diving Museums Museum of Precolumbian Gold
Jade Museum
The National Museum
Museo de Arte Costarricense Art Flamingo Beach & Spa
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