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Senior Review

This is for my senior EDCRO review.

Cheyanne Tillery

on 5 June 2012

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Transcript of Senior Review

Visual Arts Senior EDCRO
Review Cheyanne Tillery October 2010
Junior Year Assignment: Find a photo, cut it in half, and draw the other half on it. Used color pencils. Portrait of Me and My Mom
2011 Graphite pencil on white paper Assignment: Portraits.
Inspiration: Mother's Day
2nd in series of drawings Portrait of Dad
2011 Assignment: Portraits
Inspiration: Father's Day, Planned to draw family members.
3rd in Series

Graphite pencil on white paper, Black color pencil Water Color Blue Jay
Senior Year Assignment: Winter theme for contest.
Water colored
Lined with pen Digital Color
Senior year Online coloring contest
Pick your own colors
Color any way you want Won the contest Carnival Of Physics Create a poster for your game. Group Members: Wraith Powell, David Hutchings, and Tyler Keffer Game: Ball in a Basket Theme: Clowns Create Infographic Showed visually how the physics worked in our game.

Used Photoshop abilities and visuals to explain science/math Drawing Senior Project Plans for the Future College - LCC , Art Institute Get a Job Dream Business - Bookstore with Gluten free Bakery Explore new things Freshman Year Sophomore Year
March 2010 Still life
Oil paint Junior Year
September 2012 Still life
Charcoal Beginning Junior Year
2010 Junior Year
May 2011 Portrait of Dad
Pencil Pencil
Doodle Gluten Free Bake Sale - All baked goods are Gluten free and made by me. - Money goes to the Celiac Disease Foundation. Cookie on a Cloud Made $144.50 to donate! What I need: How to get it: College Money Scholarships
Possibly Loans Questions? Self Portrait
Pencil Learn about Business and Baking Work more with digital, photography, painting. Try New things. -Pizza Places -Restaurants
-Bakeries Arts Academics Growing from this... To this
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