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Welcome to 5th Grade

5th Grade Overview for Open House

Linda Frederick

on 18 August 2011

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Transcript of Welcome to 5th Grade

Welcome to Fifth Grade! We Need Your Math Brain! Compare and Contrast M T W Th F S Sun Notes Glogster is
one way I will post lessons and you will complete
assessments in
Reading...It's FUN! Just peeking in
to say, "Welcome
back!" We're happy
to see you here
at Central Franklin!
I'll be dropping in from
time to time to check
on you! Have a great
year! Mrs. Grizzle! Science Social Studies Set Your Reading Goal! It's our goal for every one of our
5th graders to make it to the Millionaire Breakfast this spring. You will have weekly reading homework
and a mid-term test grade based on
the words you read for your goal, so
LET'S GET READING!!! READING RULES!!! 5th Grade Supply List
•Loose Notebook Paper (2 packs)
•One Composition Notebook (journal)
•Two Blue Single Subject Spiral Notebooks
•5 paper pocket folders with fasteners (One each red, blue, green, yellow, purple)
•Pencils (mechanical or wooden)
•Jumbo Eraser
•Ink Pens (black/blue/one red)
•Highlighters (3 - one each green, pink, yellow)
•Colored Pencils
•Pencil Pouch (no boxes)
•Glue Stick
•Ruler w/ inches and centimeters
•Sticky Notes (1 to 2 inches only)
•Student scissors
•Hand sanitizer Snack and Drink Rules
You may bring an empty water bottle for recess. You will not be allowed to carry water around with you during the day as there are water fountains in each classroom.
No sodas for lunch or recess. We will have a few special occasions during the year when sodas will be provided.
Only healthy snacks and drinks for recess. No candy.
Did you see a cell phone on the supply list? No, we didn't think so. That's because you are not supposed to have cellphones, MP3 players, GameBoys, or any other kind of hand-held technology at school. If you have one of these items at school, it will be taken away from you and your parent will have to pick it up
in the office. If you have special need of a phone for after school use, you must have your parent send in a written note explaining this. If this is the case, the cell phone must remain OFF and OUT OF SIGHT
while you are on campus. Hi, I'm Mrs. Frederick.
I will be your Reading/Language
Arts teacher this year. We will do
a lot of reading and writing, both in
print AND digital media. Set your
goals HIGH and GET READING!!! Hey Guys! I'm Mrs. Elliott. I will be teaching math. I need critical thinkers and problems solvers. Can I count on you to help me? I'm Mrs. Grizzle! If you enjoy science experiments and learning about history, then this is the class for you! See you Monday! places inventions important people critical thinking problem solving St. Mountain! land formations states of matter lab safety plant cells animal cells classification chemical reactions weathering physical change electricity Three Branches of Government The Civil War World War II economics politics The Constitution and its Amendments laws World War I The Great Depression citizenship immigration The Jazz Age The Civil Rights Movement Reconstruction change This video is just for fun!! We DO like to have fun while we learn, so there will be lots of opportunities to have fun and enjoy your last year of elementary school! Stay tuned!!! 1st Day of School! 19 20 21 23 24 25 30 29 26 28 27 Reading Contract, Math Contract, and Behavior Contract signed and due
FOR A GRADE 1st Reading Contract
Due FOR A GRADE School starts at 7:50 this year! That's ten 'til 8:00! DON'T BE LATE! We will need lots of
items for our science
experiments this year.
Look for our "Science
ClassWish List" to
come home next
week. Multiplication Facts due
FOR A GRADE Click for
a cool
math video! Click here to
learn more
about Glogster Click here
for a video
about the
we will study Click here for a fun history video Informational:
Life Cycles
Description Narrative:
Personal Persuasive:
Speeches Writing Genres Response
to Literature Reading and writing go hand-in-hand!
We will focus a LOT on writing this year!! 31
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