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Business Development

No description

Karlafll Hurtado

on 24 July 2015

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Transcript of Business Development

Marketing Programs
Retail Programs

Up-Grades Seminar

I like my hair
Poker Face
Combine Men and Women
In-studio training
Men's Hair Replacement
Women's Hair Replacement
Ethnic Hair Replacement
Women's Hair Loss Seminar

Ultratress All four Methods
Consultations & Upgrades
Advanced Cutting/Styling
No need to travel
Lower Cost if there are multiple students
Customized training to enhance your technician's skill sets
Schedule at your convenience
Is a cost effective approach to education. You get what you pay because you get what you ask for!

What our Clients are saying about In-Studio Training

"We are in the 17th year of partnering with On Rite and recently approached them to do an on site training for our entire staff focus on our needs and areas of improvement. On Rite staff spent the time to uncover our pain points and develop an individualized training that was laser focused on our needs. Their ability to listen to our team and to then develop a training package that was customized to fit us and our client's needs was invaluable! The precise and in-depth training is allowing us to gain market-share along with increasing our profitability. On-Rite's training teams are professional, knowledgeable and talented. Our entire staff from receptionist, stylists, to the managers and owner's received benefits from On Rite's training. We learned so much and enjoyed ourselves immensely and we are planning another on-site training with them." Pamela C.

"Every year I require all my stylist to be re-certified to keep up with the latest styles and technology. This is one investment that pays for itself many times over and I want to make sure my stylists are well trained to protect my investment and their future. The last couple of years I worked with Rhonda from On Rite to set up the class for my staff. We e-mailed Rhonda a list of training that we feel my staff needs and the entire training is customized to meet our goals and expectations. The training team is extremely professional and motivational. The stylist love it and repeat sales always seem to increase for several months after the training. I really like the enthusiasm that is generated during and after the training; it creates a positive attitude and team work. Rhonda and her team of professional trainers will be at our Pittsburgh center in May for this years training class. I highly recommended a re-certification training class for your stylists each year and that you contact Rhonda at On Rite and see what she has to offer. You won't be sorry". A. Frank Petrosky
"Thank you Kim and Rhonda for the fantastic class. Kim's great personality and sense of humor helped make the class enjoyable. Kim was thorough, patient and informative. She was great about giving one on one instruction and making sure that we comprehend the information before proceeding to the next subject. We feel more confident about being capable of working with the Ethnic clients. Thank you form the staff at NHC."
Good Hair Day
Corrective Hair Solutions
Kayla Martel & Gemtress
Target your exciting clients
Provide assistance with developing programs or new levels
Provide Marketing materials and letters to create excitement
Up to Two Business Development members on site during event to SELL!!
Increase your program fees easily!
We will work with your team to “keep your programs growing”
Increase your revenues overnight!!
Analyze current structure, and create concept from new programs.
Provided letters, flyers, coupons, presentation sheet and lots more
We will do all sales and provide instructions to the team
Customized manual
Benefits to Client
We do all the work
Proven Success with 20plus years upgrade sales
Increase revenue substantially OVERNIGHT
"The On Rite team arrived fill of fun and enthusiasm. The upgrade seminar was a huge success and gave our company a financial boost. We are looking forward to planning another one." Derry Johnson
Women's Hair Loss Seminar with Kayla Martell

Androgenic Hair Loss
Alopecia Areata
Alopecia totalis & Universalis

The key to Reaching women is connecting with women.
Women WILL attend "education" seminars on a topic that interests them
Women openly talk about their problems with other women.
Women WILL make decisions that day as long as they believe the solution to be the best solution for their problem.
:30 and :15 TV/Web video invitation from Kayla Martell, customized with your salon's name, logo, website and phone number.
One :60 and one :30 Radio spot customized to include your name,website and phone number
Web Banners
Hairloss.com posting of your event
Facebook Ad
Welcome Video from Kayla Martell
Special Incentive Vouchers for attendees
Print ads featuring 2010 Miss Delaware, Kayla Martell
Customizable PowerPoint Presentation
Before and After photos of Kayla Martell and additional women with varying degrees of hair loss.
Optional Components
Assist in planning and executing event.
Attend and assist with presentation.
Conduct hair and scalp analysis
Consultations and closing sales
Business Development Associate(s)
Assist with invitation follow up calls
Book leads, no shows and no buys
Estimated number of NEW cases of cancer diagnosed for women in the US in 2012 is 790740.

Breast Cancer is still the number one cancer diagnosis in women.

1 in 3 women will develop some type of cancer in their lifetime.

This women need us ! and so do the nurses!

We make the Contacts with a compelling story!
We Make the phone calls!
We will schedule appointments for you with decision makers!
Our story gets us to the RIGHT person!
We will give you the answer to “What sets you apart?”
We have the credibility of being a NATIONAL GROUP of hair loss experts!
We educate you on patients, treatments, consultations, product. We give you the credibility to STAND OUT!
Why should nurses trust you?
They trust our partners because they are a part of something BIG – a group that is interested in their patients, NOT the sale. Our partners have a compelling story.
Introduction and Invitation Letters
Web Video
Web Site
Event Signage
Consultation and Phone Scripts
Web Banners and Business Cards
PR and Advertising/Marketing Scripts
Operational and Sales forms
Step by Step, Detailed Insurance Manual
" I have learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usulally make the right decision"
"I have learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you will miss them when they are gone from your life. If you are a parent, keep this in mind: if your children do not visit as often as you would like, remembering that no one can ever love and care for you more than they do. They just feel helpless and do not know what to do"
Can I do it myself?
Sure - and Lots Have
not hard, but is time consuming!
Lots and Lots of Phone calls!
Getting to the right person.
Getting your presentation right
What makes you different?
Why should nurses trust you?
They are very protective of their patients

Who qualifies to be a Recover with Confidence member?
Creative and Talented
Desire to make this challenging time in a woman's life a little bit happier.
Don't do it for the money
Product Knowledge
Presentations Techniques

Meet the Recover with Confidence Team

Rhonda McCarthy-
Marketing, sales and operations. Over 25 years specializing in sales and Operations in retail Hair Replacement business.
Karla Hurtado-
Sales and Operations. Over 9 years specializing in sales and Operations in retail Hair Replacement business
Sandy Carpenter-
Sales and operations. Over 10 years specializing in Medical Hair Loss Sales and Operations
Twila Donley-
Technical and Operations-Owner/Operator "Fantasia Salon in Minneapolis" Specialized in medical hair loss.
Jacksonville, FL
Dayton, OH
Sacramento, CA
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
Tampa, FL
Cincinnati, OH
Chicago, IL
Woodbridge, NJ
Levittown, NY
Commack, NY
Valley Stream, NY
Yonkers, NY
Cheshire, CT
Thousand Oaks, CA
Honesdale, PA
Phoenix, AZ
Crystal, MN
Detroit, MI
Oklahoma City, OK
San Diego,CA
Wellstar Hospital And UPMC Hillman Cancer Center
Bingham Farms, MI
Of you have said yes to Recover with Confidence.
Recover with Confidence is needed in your area.
Partner with
and Make a Difference.
Business Development
These Women need you
"As you grow older, you will discover the reason you have two hands-one for helping yourself and one for helping others"
Mechanicsville, Md
Naples, FL
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