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The Electris Streetcar

No description

Zack Samuels

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of The Electris Streetcar

Invented in 1874 by Stephen Dudley Field. He also invented the multiple call telephone box, the electric elevator, and the stock ticker.
Presentation by: Zack Samuels The Electric Streetcar When Field first invented the electric street car, people were not very interested in it and thought that it was dangerous. The electric street car was also called a trolley car because the part of the trolley that was connected to the electric cable was called a trolley. This was because the communities were already using the cable street car, and they didn't want to adjust. Field was born in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, on January 31, 1846. He was sometimes called the "Father of the trolley car". Stephen Field had more than 200 patents in his name. Field equipped the first long distance telephone line in the country. It ran from French Corral in San Francisco to the summit of the Sierras. Stephen Dudley Field died in his home at the age of 68 on May 18, 1913. The invention of the electric street car, or electric trolley, was a very interesting invention. It had a profound effect on transportation throughout the country and the world. The electric street car was popular in many cities around the nation to get people to their destinations. It is still used in San Francisco today.
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