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The Photography of Yousef Karsh

No description

Joanne Webster

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of The Photography of Yousef Karsh

The Photography of Yousef Karsh
What Triggered his interests?
His sister's death
living with his uncle
how did he start/ support his lifestyle
employed by an Ottawa photographer
Official photographer of Canadian government
Time Period
Death of Sister
Boston Photographer
Taught by his uncle at 16
apprenticeship to a Boston painter/ photographer
Briefly attended an art school
His Images
He would meet with his subject, he would study up on them
He would make his subject comfortable
His lighting would be set up to influence our interpretation
He wouldn't envision the specifics until the day of the shoot
He was known for his portraits
What's Unique about his photography
Photographs world's most prominent personalities
Photographs memorial leaders, celebrities as well as thousands of ordinary people.
Winston Churchill
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